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Stalteri’s future with Spurs not looking so bright


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It would seem Tottenham’s plans for the future do no include a starting role for Diesel at right back.


"Tottenham launch bid for Chelsea pair Bridge, Johnson

tribalfootball.com - April 3, 2006

Tottenham are planning a £6 million bid for Chelsea fullbacks Glen Johnson and Wayne Bridge.

The People says Spurs manager Martin Jol needs a pair of full-backs and will test Mourinho's resolve by offering to buy both defenders at the end of the season.

Tottenham's Canada right-back Paul Stalteri has been blamed for a number of goals conceded this season which have cost the club valuable points.

On the other flank, Yong-Pyo Lee has also failed to live up to expectations and Jol is keen to find improvements for those positions as he sets about mounting a regular challenge for European football.

Spurs have been tracking Bridge and Johnson for several months"

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Don't visit any other football boards but this one so I've no idea what the talk is out there outside of the media but I can't say Diesel has been anything but steady. A harsh gaff here and there but all in all solid if admittedly little more.

That's in part his fault and in part others. Tottenham has a few ambitious fellows who're a little too greedy with the ball in my opinion, but still solid all the same.

Now Lee, that's quite another matter. King's been pulling double duty all down that left covering for the man's forward movements, movements which, I must add, have amounted to sweet-dick-all for the most part.

Fu'k. A whole lot of "Hey, look at me coach!" flash while others carry the weight.

And for Christ's sake, how do you play a man with a wooden left peg down the left side? Madness.

Diesel's got the opposite problem.

Jol may be in a spending mood, especially if 'Spurs make Champions League, but he's stuck with his squad now until summer and a lot can change between now and then. Expect Diesel back in the line up sooner rather than later. (I thought he was going to be back in at Newcastle so that shows how much I know. Of course, as things turned out like they did that may have been for the better).

Kelly's gone and God willing, he'll take Lee with him.

Re; Johnson. Well that may be a bit harsh but Jol (like me) may be Old School when it comes to the fullbacks. Right side attacks, left defends. And in that regard Paul's offered too little. Ignored runs not withstanding.

Don't know. Maybe Jol figures Diesel needs a little push?

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Jol wants to build a team with two guys for every position, one of them preferrably a young player. Stephen Kelly is as good as gone in the off-season, so that leaves an opening for another guy at right back.

I'm not sure who's blaming Stalteri for those goals against, but it definitely isn't Martin Jol. Jol obviously likes Stalteri - he's started more games than anybody except Michael Carrick this year - so it would obviously take a hell of a player to take his spot. Johnson (assuming the transfer even happens; this is just rumour at this point) isn't good enough.

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