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CPSL 2006 (early speculation)

Rocket Robin

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At the Financial Forum over the weekend at the Metro Convention Convention Centre in Toronto over the weekend I spoke to Tony DeThomasis before he gave a lecture at one of the early forums on Sunday morning. He is the owner of the CPSL Vaughan Shooters.

Good thing I ask him some soccer questions before the lecture because he and financial partner Michael Hill were mobbed by investors asking questions about their new book.

http://www.dethomasfinancial.com/ more about that on their web site.


Now on to CPSL news. Well maybe things will change before the league meetings in mid February but here's what I heard Sunday.

The Vaughan Shooters have become Vaughan Italia Shooters and will play in the new International division with Toronto Croatia and Toronto Supra (oops I can't remember if Tony said they'd be Toronto Portuguese). Italia team colours blue and white but that's not really a change from last year.

There is a Serbian group interested in joining the league and they will be allowed to play anywhere (not restricted by the CPSL one team per city/suburb territorial rights the league had).

Q. So would that mean they might play in Hamilton then? (remembering the Hamilton White Eagles from CNSL days back in the mid-90s). A. Not neccessarily them but Hamilton will probably have a team this year.

Another team may be St Catharines Croatia. Q. You mean St C Wolves or Toronto Croatia? A. no maybe another team playing in St Catharines (meaning two teams in that city).

There's about four or five other applications. One group that wants to get involved but not until 2007 is Hakim Optical whose owners are of Iranian descent.

My opinion follows: (oh-oh!) Interesting that when the CPSL has relaxed their strict "No ethnic names" policy that more groups line up for franchises. I think it's important to have strong ownership from business types/ethnic communities but they use the best players available. I remember when I first went to a CNSL game back in 1995, Toronto Italia wasn't composed of all Italian Canadians. Just they wore blue uniforms but the players were a United Nations of groups. A team that strictly adhered to an all-Caribbean team, North York Talons was quickly swept away because they lost so many games.

The league meeting with the media/public is usually in May but I'll watch what may be posted on their website later this month.

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I talked with Cary Kaplan at the end of last year and he told me that :

CPSL 2006 hopes to have 16 teams, divided in 4 groups of 4 teams

There will still be 22 games, so long travels will stop (like Windsor - Laval)

There will be a western group (with Border Stars and the other ones, sorry, I'm not a pro in Ontario geography)

There will be an eastern group (with Laval, probably Ottawa and the two others, they try to hire teams from Quebec)

There will be an "ethnic" group with Toronto Croatia, Vaughan Italia, Toronto Supra (Portugal) and a Serbian team, also in the GTA

The fourth group will be with the other teams...

So, there are already 12 teams : Hamilton and Durham disappeared, an other Hamilton one and the Serbs appeared

If there aren't enough teams in the east, there will be only 3 groups

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