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Brennan to Saints! - Signing complete


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Hellz yea!

This is a great fit! OK I always want to see a Canuck in Saints Red and White. But sheet, this would work!


Jim's not getting a sniff at Norwich but we all know he can do the bidness. I bet this rumor has wheels. Its gonna happen. Saints have feck all in good players. There is NO-ONE that Jim couldn't replace at Saints.

Edit: he has signed for 6 months at Southampton

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Good. It's about time something gave. Until end of season contract is pretty reasonable for all concearned. Norwich dumps JB. Saints gamble little in picking him up for 3-4 months and I'm sure get 1st dibs on an extension if they like what they see. And JB showing some ambition for getting back on the pitch gets that opportunity.

Long climb up the table to make the playoffs but there's a lot of football left yet.

FA Cup weekend, Foxes and Saints and I can't get any of it. Booooo!!!

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