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The game today and the future


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Well everybody let's face it a win is a win. I never thought that we would blow out the Lux but knew we had to have a victory and the lads have accomplished that. After watching the game I believe that only five of the players on the pitch rank in our best 11. De Ros, Hutch, Kevin, Brennan and Hume are good enough to play in our starting 11 the rest are not....all be it with varying levels aptitude. Suletic was brutal that was the first time I have seen him play and I hope it is the last. He has little control, little passing accuracy and found himself woefully out of position most of the game. Jazic is a useful player and I think Ademolu will be useful in the future. Imoff is himself and is a good fill in but not a true starter.


Stalteri McKenna Kluka Brennan

Hutch Bircham De Guz

Deros Hume


I like this lineup it allows both paul and brennan to get down the wings with bircham slotting in to cover. It allows Hutch to show his defensive and offensive skills. It allows De ros and hume to get the ball and run at people, which I think they both do well. When hutch came forward today he made some cutting passes which no one else could do. Serioux, Grande, Friend, Jazic, simpson, ademolu, imoff could make for a good bunch of substitute players and maybe even some of the guys we have not gotten the chance to see yet like the other de guz, dodds and so on.

So all in all I like the fact we got a win with half of our best team and I think it told a lot about who can and can not compete at this level.

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Well I agree with you about Sulentic. I think he blew his chance to make any sort of positive impression. In the first half he failed to get a free kick past a one-man wall - it was that sort of day for him.

Its difficult to rate Ademolu's performance on the day since he was the furthest up the field and got little service, and we never really got a chance to see his allegedly incredible speed as a result. But he did show a few interesting things when he got the ball, and he's still at the early stages of his pro career. Will Johnson however I though was very lively when he came on late and I think is going to a good one for Canada.

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