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Request for info re Bangu A.C of Brazil in Canada


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The PCSL website includes some historical data on foreign teams that have toured British Columbia. See http://www.pcsl.org/thepcsl-tour-intro.htm

The PCSL webmaster today received a request for more details on the 1963 June 15 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Bangu A.C. of Brazil match in front of over 19,000 spectators at Empire Stadium in Vancouver.


From: Molinari [mailto:Molinari@radiobras.gov.br]

Sent: September 30, 2005 9:01 AM

To: 'info@pcsl.org'

Subject: Wolverhampton Wanderers x Bangu 1963


I'm a journalist from Brazil and saw a curious statistic about international games realized in Vancouver.

Could you send me the complete informations about 1963 June 15 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Bangu of Brazil 2 Empire Stadium

as name of the referee

name of the players

name of the goal-scorers.

Thanks a lot

Carlos Molinari



Thanks to soccer historian Dave Fryatt, the PCSL was able to provide lineups and names of officials (but not goalscorers). Carlos has come back with a request for more information on Bangu games in Canada. If anybody can help I am sure he would be delighted....


From: Molinari [mailto:Molinari@radiobras.gov.br]

Sent: September 30, 2005 4:00 PM

To: 'webmaster@pcsl.org'

Subject: Bangu in Canada


I really work as journalist in Radiobras, in Brazil, but the question I did to you was because I´m a fan of Bangu A.C, and I have a site in the net, called www.bangu.net - with all the results of this club since 1904.

I have others doubts envolving games of Bangu in Canadá, but only one in Vancouver. You forgot to give me the goal scorers, but was: Chris Crowe, Jimmy Murray, Roberto Pinto and Beto (all in first time of the game), isn´t it?

Thanks a lot for answered my last question.

Could you help me?

27/7/1960 - Bangu 2 x 0 Montreal Concordia - (Montreal)

15/6/1961 - Bangu 1 x 0 Montreal Concordia - (Montreal)

12/6/1963 - Bangu 1 x 0 Oriental League of Canadá - (Toronto)

19/6/1963 - Bangu 9 x 1 Edmonton Team - (Edmonton)

22/6/1963 - Bangu 1 x 4 Wolverhampton Wanderers - (Toronto)

18/6/1967 - Bangu 4 x 1 Sunderland - (Vancouver)

04/8/1971 - Bangu 1 x 2 Toronto Metros - (Toronto)

22/8/1971 - Bangu 1 x 1 Olympic Montreal - (Montreal)


Please email Carlos at Molinari@radiobras.gov.br if you can help in any way with the information he seeks.

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