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USL Teams of the Week

David C.

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For what it's worth, Nevio Pizzolitto and Jason Jordan were named to USL's Week-18 Team of the Week. By my quick calculations (insert disclaimer here), Canadians honored so far this year are as follows:

#: = team of the week selections

(#) = player of the week selections

* = no longer in league (Gerba, Grande)

As of week 18:

5: Biello (1), Jordan (1)

4: Pizzolitto

3: Gerba* (2)

2: Dodds (1), Grande*, M. Franks, Kindel, Sutton, Lyall

1: Braz, Clarke, S. Fraser, Leduc, Valente, Gbeke, diPlacido, Belotte, Matondo, Munthali

If these are representative; looks like Biello, Jordan and Pizzolitto are having quite the season.


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