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60th Anniversary


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Weekends are usualy pretty slow on the board but I'm a bit surprised this has gotten under the radar so far.

Aug. 6th 1945 saw the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. Just one of the many, many, evils of that time.

To this day by the Grace of God (or maybe just plain dumb, luck) Hiroshima remains one of the unlucky centres to have experienced the horrors of the practice of city busting perpitrated by Allied forces during the Second World War. Specificaly, atomic warfare targetting citizens.

If you want an interesting read, cruise the various news websites from around the world to get a perception of this event and how it's looked at in those differing corners.

I'll admit it's impossible for anyone who didn't live through those dark times to view the practice of city busting within a proper context. I'll admit that. But for the life of me, I swear to God I'll never understand, or hope to understand, how someone can be driven to justifying it.

Anyway...Peace, Love and understanding.

Cheeta out.

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Couldnt agree more, Cheeta. I cant believe it was sixty years ago that this happened. I just hope we as a human race never see a nuclear weapon dropped on a city again. No means ever justify it whatsoever.

Let's take a moment of silence to remember the victims of this sad incident.

May Peace be with you all.

Mr Populist Futebol

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