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Canada moves up to 84th spot


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quote:Originally posted by Joe Keeper

Home friendlies are what Canada needs right now. The CSA should be using them to start to market the 2007 u-20's across the country. Playing in the host cities and co marketing the team with the tournament (and game in general)would be the best way of druming up support in these early days.

Mabey Canada could play a 4 team tourney where it is semi's and then either final/third place format like we did in Egypt a few years back.

My picks right now would be



Ivory Coast


I like the Semi-Final format idea. If I could pick the 4-Nations Tournament if you want to call it that.

Canada-Host Team

China-Like Canada, China is an under-achieved team in their Continent, it would be interesting to see them play.

Panama-It is important for Canada to play games against teams in their confederation, Panama would bring a difficult task.

N. Ireland-Europe brings a lot of the best teams in the world, N. Ireland vs. Canada would be a cracker!

I would like to see Ottawa's Frank Clair Stadium, and Montreal's Molson Stadium host this 4-Nations Tournament if possible.

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