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CPSL Week 6 results...

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Result of the Friday June 24th, 2005 CPSL game between Toronto Croatia and Durham Storm played at Memorial Park in Streetsville at 8:00pm.

14 min...Storm Craig Patton GOAL...Patton gets 25 yard shot low from right and it's into net beyond diving goalie George Azcurra.

31 min...Toronto Croatia Peter Curic GOAL...TC Caswain Mason eludes defender near center line on long run down left and centers pass to Curic who cuts shot around defender for 8 yard shot into left corner of net beyond diving goalie Craig Williams.

58 min...Toronto Croatia Caswain Mason GOAL...Mason rush down left wing and low 12 yard cross that diving goalie on left post loses control of and as he sprawls he pushes ball into own net.

Final Score:..............Toronto Croatia...........2............Durham Storm.............1............

Attendance was around 125 on this extremely hot and humid night. I felt Toronto Croatia held the upper hand in this game with more chances but they were often thwarted by offside flags or no one in the box to play the excellent crosses sent in by Caswain Mason, Halburto Harris, and Leo Laurito.

Referee Alex Williams kept this game pretty much under control except at the 40 minute mark when Croatia goal scorer Peter Curic pushed Storm's Matt Gennaro over as the Storm player got ready to place a free kick. Gennaro retaliated and the referee gave both player cards away from the action but the other players on the field got into a shoving match. Both coaches called on their players to back off. The Storm bench complained because they lost two players Red carded last week in Montreal (Laval Dynamites) for the same kind of incident. Manager Velemir Crljen wisely subbed off Curic immediately because he looked like he would soon be baited into a fight any minute.

CPSL 2004 Goalie of the Year George Azcurra was in the net for Toronto Croatia. I saw him on FSWC television playing beach soccer at a tournament in Brazil for the Canadian National Beach Soccer team. He says the ball isn't much different then a regular soccer ball. (Wow I'm sure I'd break my toes kicking a ball barefoot). Season starting goalie Roman Harapyn played as a defender when he came into the game at halftime. The field wasn't in good shape. The grass was long and really slowed down the ball and ground passes maybe helping to keep the ball in play on this short, narrow field. The long grass helped cover some of the bald patches. Maybe an appropriate name for this place would be "Combover Field".

The Croatian "Olympic" team had played Toronto Croatia a few weeks ago in an exhibition game and beat the local team 4-1. It was supposed to be 2-1 until the last twenty minutes when Toronto put their subs in so they could say they had the opportunity to play. This Olympic team right now is the Croatian Under 21 team but they'll be Olympic age by the next games in China.

Rocket Robin


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And this is why my Toronto Lynx report will have to wait... but then you local guys were either at the game or watching on tape delay right?


Result of the June 26, 2005 CPSL game between North York Astros and Brampton Stallions played at Esther Stadium in North York at 7:00pm.

4 min...Stallions Alvaro Yaques GOAL...Stallions Adolfo Mella corner kick from right has ball partially cleared and Yaques blast 12 yarder from right into right side of net.

10 min...Stallions Yusif Jawando GOAL...Stallions Adolfo Mella corner kick from right is low and into box for Jawando to boot in ball from 5 yards through player into center of net.

38 min...Astros Joseph Feljoo GOAL...Feljoo rush on right and while holding off BS defender Julius Caesar shoots 20 yard shot into center of net over flying goalie Roy Blanche who had be get ready to play the cross to a charging Astros player.

92 min...Astros RED card...Goalie Sherwin Ramsey comes out of net to stop weak Stallions player's shot from 40 yards and catches ball. When he's found to be about five yards out of box, play is whistled down. Back up goalie David Fish comes in cold and stops a 22 yard Adolfo Mella free kick from 22 yards by flying to his right post. Ilya Orlov was the Astros outfield player who came off in the substitute.

Final Score:.....North York Astros............1...............Brampton Stallions............2............

Attendance was about 75 on this extremely hot and humid evening.

This was the first time I'd seen the new field turf that has been laid in Esther Shiner Stadium. The turf is soft plastic grass with cindery specks between the blades. An artificial track has been installed as well for track and field events. The only thing wrong is the emphasis has definitely been put on football with the complete white hash marks of the gridiron. The wider soccer field has center circle and end lines are narrow yellow lines. Maybe the Astros goalie will use that as an excuse for handling the ball. The City also gets an ad in the center circle with "TORONTO Parks, Forestry, & Recreation". Hey when I was a kid they never used the word 'forestry' and there were many more trees in the city when I was young.

The Stallions started off strong with some great set pieces and runs in the first 15 minutes. The Astros finally got things going, play evened out and the Stallions defense was exposed by Astros runs downfield especially on the right. Stallions’ goalie Roy Blanche had to play aggressively and challenge for through balls before the Astros could set up. Once he charged out of his box and had to play the ball with his head to put the ball out of danger. He also rushed a clearance kick at 40 minutes and the ball was flubbed ahead to Astros Daniel Vocino chipped the ball over the net from 30 yards. At 49 minutes the Astros had a goal called back when Blanche and Astros Joseph Feljoo bumped together when jumping for a ball in the box. Blanche dropped the ball and Astros Marlin Case kicked a 12 yard shot into the empty net but the flag was up. Feljoo was injured on the play and had to be helped off the field but was back four minutes later. Blanche made a brilliant open save at 81 minutes on an 18 yard drive from Astros Sergio Gutierrez who’d come into the game one minute earlier.

The Stallions best goal scoring chance came between their two goals when Alvaro Yaques raced down the right wing and crosses into box where a charging VS Hugo Herrera headed the ball just over the bar from 6 yards.

Referee Calin Pintea worked double duty today as he acted as the fourth official in the earlier USL game between Toronto Lynx and Charleston Battery when the referee couldn't get there. It took me a race to get across town in the one hour between games. He joked he used a private jet.

The result spoiled the debut of new Astros head coach Dejan Gluscevic, a former player. He's technically the third head coach this season for the Astros as the first coach was fired after two games because he kept missing practices. General manager/owner Bruno Ierullo coached the last game and tonight was Gluscevic's turn. Stallions head coach was listed as Ken Dawson.

Rocket Robin


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What I've heard at this game is that Toronto Supra has suddenly moved to Brockton Park in Toronto (Dufferin and Bloor West). They will no longer will be at Centennial Stadium and their first game is next week's CPSL Open Canada Cup game against Vaughan Shooters which had been scheduled to be played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York as part of an Open Cup doubleheader with North York Astros vs Brampton Stallions (yeah again but tonight was a League game).

I know Supra have bounced between Brockton and Centennial in the last few years. Brockton has supposedly been improved and players won't have their dressing rooms in the school across the street.

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quote:Originally posted by Rocket Robin

The only thing wrong is the emphasis has definitely been put on football with the complete white hash marks of the gridiron.

That really sucks. [xx(] How much football do they play there, anyway? All I've ever seen is soccer.

Thanks for the report, Robin.

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