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Game vs. Syria??


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quote:Originally posted by akpatel2083


I was just looking at the Sportsnet Soccer schedule and on June 12th they are airing a game against Syria. Does anyone know what kind of match it is??....Is it a Senior team match, or an under-20 match??

its canadas first game in the under 20WYC

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I think Robert is just joking. He just forgot to insert the ;).

There will be no easy games at all for us at the U20s. We will fight hard but will be fortunate to advance. I have very high hopes, but at this level you cannot count teams like Syria out. Not one bit. Unless of course Robert means that Syria will be the easiest of all the first round teams we will face. Even so, Syria is on par with China, and we lost to China recently.

Once again, I think we'd be foolish to have silly expectations again. Mitchell's goal is to advance to the next round; he knows we're in tough.

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