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Charity Cup on Saturday at Maples

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For those interested the Charity Cup is on again this year (weather hopefully allowing) with league champions Sons of Italy Lions playing MSA Cup champions Lucania.

Match to be played this coming Saturday at Maples Community Centre, 434 Adsum. Kickoff at 4 PM.

As usual the token $2 admission will be donated to a worthy cause in this case, Manitoba Special Olympics.

Why Maples? Don't know. Suspect it's to allow Vince Leah another couple of days of rest before the league matchs kick off later next week.

All the same, the match should be a good indication of things to come for the year and we'll get a good look see if the lads still have a hate on for each other. Weather dosen't sound too promising but considering how things have been up to the last couple of days, relatively mild.


Surprised this got under the radar. I've been too busy lately to pay much attention to my usual obsessions. If it's been posted previously, my apologies.

Reads as though the WSF got pretty much exactly what they wanted from goverment and are only lacking a firm location for construction.

If I recall correctly, the prefered WSC site isn't yet safe from the wrecking ball and given the tight time frame for the WYC applications that pretty much sank any chance of Winnipeg submitting a bid. Bloody Mayor. Bloody council.


Winnipeg, April 22, 2005 – The Winnipeg Soccer Federation, representing 25,000 soccer players in the city of Winnipeg, today cheered the announcement by Treasury Board President Reg Alcock, Premier Gary Doer, Infrastructure Minister John Godfrey and Mayor Sam Katz that $6 million will be committed to the WSF for its plan to build a marquee indoor/outdoor soccer facility.

“We are ecstatic,” said Keith Ferbers, Chair of the WSF. Today’s announcement means we can proceed with our dream of developing more fields so that more Winnipeggers can play this amazing sport.”

Ferbers said the WSF, which was formed in 2003 when city soccer leagues representing men, women and youth players banded together, has been working on its business plan with City officials for many months and today’s announcement will see that plan become a reality.

“Our research shows despite over 25,000 people playing soccer in this city in 2003, soccer registration in Manitoba lags behind the rest of Canada. We believe that the major factor affecting participation is the availability of facilities.”

There are currently six indoor facilities in Winnipeg, with one – the Winter Club location – set to close. That compares to 12 indoor fields in Edmonton and eight in Saskatoon.

“The limited number of facilities in Winnipeg in relation to these cities has restricted the growth in the game to such an extent that the youth league program is fully subscribed without any advertising or promotion,” said Ferbers.

Ferbers said the WSF will now continue discussions with City officials to nail down the details for its proposed indoor/outdoor complex.

The Winnipeg Soccer Federation exists to encourage the citizens of Winnipeg to participate in the sport of soccer at all skill levels and for life. Federation board members include representatives from the Manitoba Major Soccer League, the Winnipeg Women’s Soccer League and the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association. The WSF is on the Web at www.winnipegsoccerfederation.ca

For more information, contact:

Keith Ferbers Deanna Allen

Chair, Winnipeg Soccer Federation WSF Volunteer, Communications

Tel: 204.981.2491 Tel: 204.293.3840

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Can't wait for this game Cheeta.....I think that Lucania is going to lay an old school whippin' on Nocita's boys! Either way this game doesn't really matter....only a friendly! Yeah right! These two teams hate each other from top to bottom,I'll bet that there will be a couple of red cards!

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Saturday's friendly got cancelled. I'll guess more to save the water logged pitch than anything. Have to sit tight and see if the teams concearned can agree to re-schedule. Ug. Sounds like last year.

And IDO's hit the mark on the head. It's allways fun at the season kick off to see if there's been player movement, who's come up the ranks and what-not but one thing remains consistant. The good natured sportsmenship displayed by these two sides towards each other. Really can be a flavour all on it's own. Especially after Lucania's resurection last year.

That being said, it'll be hard to top last years Lucania-Sokol Cup final for intesity, passion and just plain weirdness.

Schedules are out. Check the MSSA site for fixtures and enjoy your weekends at Vince Leah. I well. Flask is primed and ready to go.

(Looks like A.F.F. get Lucania and SoI back to back. Geezus, welcome to the Prem. lads).

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