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Montreal Soccer Leagues


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It really depends on what kind of league you a looking for. Guessing you are at the senior level.

There are 7 vs 7 leagues and obviously 11 vs 11.

7 vs 7 leagues

www.totalcampo.com in Laval and St. Leonard

http://www.soccerplexecatalogna.com/ in Lachine

11 vs 11 leagues

http://www.arslacstlouis.com/en/metro/index.html West part of Montreal

http://www.soccer-bourassa.com/ East part of Montreal

The other is playing for an elite club which is the link BXL Boy supplied.

I currently play on a 11 vs 11 team in St-Laurent part of the Metro League if you would like to try out, send me an e-mail.

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