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Vancouver v Rochester mp3 audio pack now available

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You'll need BitTorrent software in order to download this. If you don't already have such software, it's highly recommended!


United Soccer Leagues, Division One

Saturday 30 April 2005

Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Rochester Raging Rhinos

Swangard Stadium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


English (Vancouver Whitecaps) commentary

internet audio stream capture (from Team1040.ca)

mp3 audio format (mpeg 2.0 layer III)

56k bit rate, 24000Hz sample rate, stereo

total size 78.5mb

total run time approximately four hours


01) Whitecaps World of Soccer, part one

-interview with Manager Bob Lilley

02) Whitecaps World of Soccer, part two

-interview with Rochester Manager Laurie Calloway

03) Pre-game, part one

04) Pre-game, part two

-comments from midfielder Jake Sagare (cuts out at times)

05) Pre-game, part three

-comments from assistant coach and defender Nick Dasovic


06) First half

-comments from striker Jason Jordon

07) Half-time

-first-half highlights

-chat about Chelsea and Sunderland/Newcastle


08) Second half

-comments from midfielder Jeff Clarke

09) Post-game phone-in show, part one

-comments from striker Jason Jordan

10) Post-game phone-in show, part two

11) Post-game phone-in show, part three

-comments from General Manager Bob Lenarduzzi

12) Post-game phone-in show, part four

-second-half highlights

-man of the match

13) Boundary Road, sung by Vancouver Southsiders

14) WYC2007 ad featuring Bob Lenarduzzi

15) Whitecaps youth summer camp ad featuring Bob Lenarduzzi

16) Wolfe Chevrolet ad featuring Alfredo Valente


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