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Poland-Mexico in Chicago April 27th !!!


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What Canada game planned for April in Montreal? Do you mean the


Women's World Cup vs France

International Friendly

Laval Multi-Sport Complex in Laval, Quebec


If you are worried about missing the men's side, there is no international date between the last week in March and the first week in June, and I can't see the MNT having a friendly before mid-May at the earliest. Think you can safely make plans to go to Chicago. Ummm, good deli and other ethnic food there!

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Perfect :) mmmm yes the food is fine. My 2nd trip there in less then a year to watch a soccer game. This time I have to try the famous Chicago pizza. :D Also that same day the cubs are playing @ 1;20 so I think I will go see them as well, last time I saw the white sox. Well if it happens I'll take lots of pics and post em again as I did with my last trip.

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