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Where do you get off!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Downtownboy, I have sent you three personal emails on your address here explaining that our written forum policy ,which you agreed to abide to when you registered as a member, was that you could not continually create a proliferation of threads for every report on how Rowland did in his every indoor match. I politely asked you to post these updates in the "Indoor Soccer, News and Views Thread"


created for this purpose. You did this for awhile, but then you have continued to ignore this reasonable request, and for a time I copied and re-posted your threads in the general thread. However, it is not my job to continually do this, so the last few times I have eliminated your threads altogether.

This is not to belittle your interest in Mr Rowland's progress, it has a place in this forum, but as you can see with other threads, I am charged with doing a job, and I will continue to do it. If you cannot find the Indoor forum thread because it has moved down the list too far, you can always use the search function, specifying "Indoor Soccer" in the title and you will find it easily.

I don't have a problem, and this isn't censorship. I have a job to do here as one of the moderators on this board, be it as "gatekeeper" or whatever, and I do it. If I exceed my jurisdiction or am unfair, then I am answerable to DJT who is the forum administrator, and if you (or anyone else) disagree with my actions, complaint can be had to him by sending him a pc by clicking on his name. If I am in error in how I do my job, I would be happy to alter my actions on direction from DJT.

Cheers, and please keep posting.:)

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I find your comments interesting.....I suppose I could go back to earlier posts to find out how many posts are made about players progress game to game [ i.e. Canadian Players Abroad]to suggest that there is some inconsistency in your argument.....in any event if there is no interest in posting about a young Canadian goalkeeper who is making a name for himself in the MISL then so be it I'll refrain from posting anything...I'm sure he doesn't need the publicity ....and we wonder what is wrong with Canadian soccer???????....oh by the way he was just named Goalkeeper of the Week in the MISL for the second time but maybe I just circumvented the rules by saying so...sorry

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