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Goofy question regarding cel. phones.


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What exactly is the proper/polite rule regarding cel. phones and bathrooms?

Hospitals have cel. phone blockers. It's allways been proper form to turn your cel. phone off at the theatre or in a resteraunt, or at least set them to vibrate, but what about restrooms?

You know of course, that an incident triggered this inquiry.

Was at the #1 nephews hockey game the other day and was in the restroom between periods "adjusting" my hair when a cel. phone starting ringing. As there was only myself and another fellow in there at the time, or so we thought, it sort of stood out.

Certainly wasn't his 'phone as he was looking at me. Certainly wasn't mine as I don't have a faggot Star Trek ring tone. Give us a minute to stop brushing our hair or washing our hands to stare at one another and then move our slow gazes towards the crapper and the continuing electronic call of the Star Trek jingle.

The jingle stops.

There's a pause.


"Nothing. What about you?"

Hearty laughter amplified and echoing through the cider block bunkers which pass' for community club hockey rink restrooms.

Now was that rude? Laughing at a guy who answers his cel. phone while taking a dump? I think the fu'ker had it coming myself. I mean come on. Who the Hell answers the 'phone while pushing one out? That's just nasty. As far as I'm concearned, unless your a brain surgeon or something just let it ring, pal. You can get back to them.

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Had a guy flush when I was on the phone with him. Now that's the height of rudeness!

A guy I used to work with dropped his blackberry (gives a whole new meaning to the name) in the toilet once...and then he pulled it out and brought it to the IT guys! He's still trying to live it down!

Nobody should be that busy they need to take care of business while taking care of business!

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