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UofT going ahead with 10,000 seat stadium????


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Who knows Luis, though this tiny article from U of T's 'Varsity' newspaper may shed some light on the 'narrow vision' of the U of T.


from the Varsity......

Truth is stranger than fiction: Cyclopia

One-eyed creatures are not confined to the realm of Greek epic; such mutants can actually be found in nature. Defects in a gene called "sonic hedgehog" (which was, indeed, named after the videogame, by some no doubt particularly nerdy scientists) can, among other things, cause the two cerebral hemispheres of the brain to fuse, resulting in the development of a single, central eye.

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Since the U of T will not host any Canada National soccer games

(because of their narrow-mindedness) I propose that this thread

be transferred to a different header (ie. General Discussion).

As for the development or progress of the stadium, I assume further

delays will result due to: 1) funding by the U of T only and not

the Feds; and 2) the issue of the noise that will arise from

stadium that would interfere with the creative thoughts of certain

professors ... ;)

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The University of Toronto is obviously run by asshats. Instead of getting a 25,000 seat stadium for virtually no coast, they will instead get a 10,000 seat stadium that will cost them ~$30M.

BTW - This is my first post in a long while. I just got so frustrated after the horrible refereeing of Benny Archundia.

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