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The SoccerCentral Curse?


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Have you ever heard of the Madden Curse? Whoever gets put on the cover of the Madden video game often ended up having some season-ending injury.

I'm wondering if there is a SoccerCentral Curse when it comes to the MNT. Whoever they feature from the MNT in the montage that opens SoccerCentral, that person seems to drop from the face of the earth.

This year, Jim Brennan appears near the end of the montage. Last year, Jason Bent was prominently featured.

Who did they used to have in the montage, who did the little shimmy after scoring a goal? I think that came from WCQ '02, and if so, I guess that would have to be Brennan by default. (OK, so maybe the curse takes a little while to kick in...)

At least the montage doesn't show Radz or Hume. :)

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