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As it stands now, catch the match in The 'Peg


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at the Pony Coral on Nairn Ave.

9 o'clock kickoff, Winnipeg time.

They get all the SportsNet channels off the dish (Star Choice I think) but with all the confussion regarding if the match will be on this zone or that who the Hell know?

Worse comes to worse, I know the match will be on Shaw digital so plan B would be Cheeta's basement a hop, skip, and beer vendor stop away. No nachos, but what the hell.

Got a practice at the U of M tomorrow, so if anyone can think of a better plan closer to the area and wants to get together for a yell and a pint by all means let us know.

(Either way I'm conducting a little experiment tomorrow with The Ultimate Sports Bar in the basement of The New Cavalier Hotel. Should be interesting).

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