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Starting Lineup


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if everybody was healthy, released and available then the lineup should look like this


mckenna menezes devos jazic

bircham bent hume brennan

____derosario radzinski

subs:pescky, onstad, stalteri, hutchinson,ocean, serioix, peters

pizzolitto looked horrible vs. guetemala., same to josh simpson, but both are still very young.

where the hell is richard hastings? lets try oliver heald, hes got speed, xausa still has a tremendous shot, he could help.

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quote:Originally posted by Timotas

Maybe he's new to Canadian soccer :)

Agreed. Right now, you can make a good case for DeGuzman being Canada's best soccer player. If we were to have a vote right now, He might get my vote based on performance in a Canada jersey and Professional accomplishment. Plus he has drawn interest of a club Like Bayer Leverkusen. That says it all.

Plus he is still only 23 years old. No other Canadian in the past has attained these accomplishments at that age.

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