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jerome piette


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Krammerhead, can you give us a short report on Piette's play to date? He has been out for much of the year has he not? I have only seen one Caps game (the FSWC broadcast) and thought Justin Thompson was quite impressive, moreso than Piette.

Would appreciate your thoughts since you see just about every game.


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Piette (correct first name is Jeremie not Jerome) was one of the best players on the Whitecaps last season after coming over from Cincinnati when they started letting all their players go. He got his first start on July 26, 2003, and from that point on, played every minute of every game for Vancouver through to the end of the season, a streak of 1087 minutes over 11 games. He was so good that MLS were making him offers which he turned down to play for the Whitecaps again this year. I heard the Whitecaps had him staying in a crummy motel last season so I assume he has better living conditions this season.

Ivan you are correct he has been out for most of this season, with injuries straight out of pre-season. Just checking the Whitecaps website and it says he's only been in 9 games which is about right. If I recall correctly he just stated playing again in the game in which I snapped the photo, which was the week before the FSWC game, so he hasn't had much time to get right back into game playing shape.

He's solid at the back and at 6'1" can get up for those crosses like in the photo.

I have no idea if he is really considering becoming a naturalized Canadian or not, do Texans do that sort of thing?[8D]

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