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Open Letter to CSA CEO


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Dear Mr. Pipe

In view of the illegal activities by BCSA/CSA through their organized conspiracy to injury me in trade back in 1997-1998

I demand a written apology which should be posted on your site (www.canadasoccer.com) and also send to me so that I could resume a normal life

All pertaining details about the criminal activities against me is available on my site ( more coming) at www.matrixball.com

I hope that you will show to everybody that you have a character and a conscience

have a nice day

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why "suspend" ? there is nothing to be afraid right, I am only asking for apology because my son doesn't talk to me and my former wife screams when I try to talk about of what had happen because she does not know the truth

all I want is to resume normal life and be cleared with CSA/BCSA admitting to what they did through their employees

whats wrong with that?

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