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flooding in peterborough

Varsity Tyler

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I went to my grandparent's place in Peterborough yesterday to do some work on a trailer hitch for my Jeep. When we woke up the bloody city was under water.

All of their neighbours more than two houses below had to evacuate early in the morning. All basements were flooded.

At the bottom of their street there was a puddle that must have been over 200 feet long across the road, and at it's deepest around 6 feet deep. The main access road around their house was completely washed out (pic).


The other pic is of Trent University - when the water level had started to drop.


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I'll take your sissy Peterborough flood and up you a Moose Jaw flood form last night:


I'm just glad the power came back on in time for me to listen to us kill Millwall.



Weird, I just took the img tags off and the link seems fine. I blame whoever's responsible for that crappy web site. ;)

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