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Sokol-Lucania at Vince Leah Sunday.


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Haven't had the time to get out to Vince Leah more than a couple of times this season so far but will try to have a look see tomorrow as Big Three sides Sokol and Lucania square off for a 7:00 pm tilt.

Can't realy say anything about either side. Haven't seen either play so far but I'm sure it'll be a good match as the weather is looking to co-operate with sunshine, light winds, and actual summer tempatures.

For those who haven't been out this year it looks like some minor pitch improvements have been made including widdening the fields. Weather's been harsh but was out last week and with a little work here and there hopefully the field conditions will be up to snuff in no time.

Heard Blackwood's giving Sokol another season. Good news for them after the dominent Nolly Sanchez moved over to Sons of Italy Lions.

Anyway, 7 o'clock kickoff. Pitch #1 I think. Bring your own beers. Suitably concealed in Coca-Cola foam can coolers.;)

P.S. Ooops. Screwed up (big surprise). Little One's got a game out in Oakbank a 6 o'clock. No Vince Leah for me tomorrow, or very late at best. If anyones heading out, let us know how things went. Missing my Vince Leah afternoon/evenings:(

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Caught the 2nd half on as good an evening as you could want for football.

Sokol-nil Lucania-3

Sokol finishing the match with 10 men. Bit of a tradition of theirs. Lucania earned a share of cautions as well in the half I saw. Those maddening, worthless, cautions handed out for mouthing off. No real excuses for them either as the match was well in hand and not especially rough.

Lucania looked good. Crisp, organised and fast through the middle third. Were cruising a bit as Sokol spent much of the 2nd half a man down, but were lucky not to have been stung at least once. Still, quite sure they had something in reserve if the need called for it. Lucania looking sharp early on this season.

More than a few new faces in Sokol this campain. Needed to be a little more organized and creative in attack but that could be a tall order with 10 men against Lucania. Nano Ramero at least is back and his normal zig-zagging self. Had the Lucania defence VERY cautious but they managed to hold him mostly in check.

So in short, Lucania full marks for an important early season victory. Looking good guys. Sokol, a little unlucky with the score line and with work ahead of them.

By the way. Small crowd. Sixty? Seventy Five-ish? Will improve I don't dought as the summer gets on and the race gets serious.

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