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Spain..Gone, Italy..Gone , Germany..?


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I'm glad I'm not a bookmaker.

Of course with either Germany or Netherlands going home , one could say a traditional Euro powerhouse has fallen.

I'll take Greece for $200 Alex.This is the true surprise of the tourney so far , for me. I also had given England a slim chance , but that Rooney fella can play I guess.

I knew Czech Republic were good but 5 goals in 2 games , nah not that good, not in that group. Sweden 8 goals in 3, impressive.

Italy cries foul, Spain upset. Oh well should of put it away earlier guys.

Let's see where we go from here , bring on the rest of the tourney.

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quote:Originally posted by argh1

I'm glad I'm not a bookmaker.

Speaking of bookies, a lot of them were asleep at the switch concerning the Den-Swe match.....



Euro-Denmark's 2-2 draw with Sweden pleases punters

LONDON, June 22 (Reuters) - The betting odds on a 2-2 draw between Denmark and Sweden, at just 7-2, were the shortest ever quoted by William Hill for that outcome in a competitive match, the British bookmakers said on Tuesday.

"We started off at odds of 5-1 even though we would normally expect to be around 14-1 for that scoreline in a match of this nature," said spokesman Graham Sharpe after the game ended 2-2 to send both teams into the Euro 2004 quarter-finals.

"But, even then, whatever price we put up was snapped up by punters desperate to back that outcome and we soon had to shorten the odds to 7-2, the shortest price we have ever offered about a 2-2 draw."


The result left the two Scandinavian teams level with Italy on five points in Group C but the Italians were eliminated from the tournament by virtue of fewer goals scored.

"That result will cost us a six figure payout but we have done well out of the elimination of Italy, so there is a silver lining to the cloud," said Sharpe.

Italy beat Bulgaria 2-1 with a late goal but to no avail.

Latest tournament odds: 9-4 France, 9-2 England, 11-2 Czech Republic, 6-1 Portugal, 15-2 Sweden, 9-1 Germany, 14-1 Denmark, Netherlands, 50-1 Greece, 500-1 Latvia.

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