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Rogers Television Has Lynx Soccer Coverage That’s Unmatched

Courtesy of the Toronto Lynx


Thursday, April 27, 2004 (TORONTO, ON) – Lynx fans will once again be able to catch great pro soccer action on Rogers Television. Fans can watch the first eight home matches, five of which will be televised live and rest tape delayed, starting with the Home Opener on Sunday, May 16th LIVE at 4:00pm on Rogers Television cable 10 in Toronto and cable 63 in Scarborough.

“We are very pleased to be able to extend last season’s television schedule. With the additional sponsors, we were able to extend the schedule to 8 games. Our marketing people are working on bringing in additional sponsors for the coverage of the rest of the season,” says Nicole Hartrell, the Chief Operating Officer

“No other TV station can devote this amount of coverage to Lynx Soccer,” commented Rogers Television Station Manager Charles Wechsler. “We are thrilled to offer home game coverage of Lynx Soccer to our viewers once again for the 2004 season.”

These televised matches are made possible by the corporate leadership of Oakville Infiniti Nissan, Pizza Pizza, Tim Hortons, Young Drivers and CAW, which recognize the mushrooming growth of the soccer community and the role that the First team plays in the playing hierarchy in Ontario.

2004 Toronto Lynx Broadcast Schedule on Rogers Television (cable 10/63)

Check your local listings for details or visit www.rogerstelevision.com.

Date Opponent Time Broadcast

Sunday, May 16 Rochester Raging Rhinos 4:00pm Live

Saturday, May 29 Montreal Impact 6:00pm 8:00pm

Sunday, June 6 Puerto Rico Islanders 6:00pm Live

Wednesday, June 9 Puerto Rico Islanders 11:00am 12:00pm

Sunday, June 13 Atlanta Silverbacks 6:00pm Live

Tuesday, June 15 Virginia Beach Mariners 7:30pm 10:00pm

Thursday, July 8 Charleston Battery 7:30pm Live

Wednesday, July 14 Richmond Kickers 12:00pm Live



416-251-4625, extension 30

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quote:Originally posted by TorontoInferno

you could say that about any sport...its a way to get more people to watch the lynx...at least those who couldn't be bothered to get to centenial...

Even though its Rogers Tv...its still better then nothin...

No argument there, but I'd figure they'd do it like in Vancouver. I don't know how many games Vancouver will broadcast this year on Shaw but it's always on a few days delay. Unfortunately last season they started showing edited games cut down to 50+ minutes. The drawback is you don't get to see the whole game, the benefit is that it is a Whitecaps production and they have control over everything. They hire some company to do a slick editing job to make it really professional looking. Someone flipping channels may stop and watch a slick looking production and want to check out the live action later on.

quote:its a way to get more people to watch the lynx

How is just getting them to watch the Lynx going to help the bottom line? Bums in the seats pay bills. Perhaps watching one of these broadcasts may make them want to check out the Lynx, but with many games being shown live on TV, would they bother?

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Another thought. Toronto will be televising 8 games, Vancouverwill probably have at least a handfull or all of them on Shaw, and Montreal will have their usual RDS games. How hard would it be for Edmonton and Calgary to get televise a couple of their games in similar fashion? Find someone to broadcst all these games across Canada and you have a television package.

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Unfortunately i think its a stretch to convert Rogers Cable 10 (AKA Community Access TV) to a national broadcast...

Granted RDS has MANY more viewers than rogers, i unfortunately think that Sportsnet, TSN, Global or any other national sports broadcaster will not want to show any soccer (local anyway) unless its at 3 am until its proven that it will be A: profitable for themselves, lots of ad money, which would equal viewership... and B: and will not take away from their own sports broadcasts...

An idea that may or may not work is a cable channel..The Football channel (The Soccer Network or TSN would not work for obvious reasons :) ...)

Have the teams each put an equal amount into it, along with a backer from one of the tv networks, Chum, or whomever, and show A-League, W-League, CPSL, PCSL games or whoever wants to show their league games....It would be a good jump off for a Canada Cup game too...

I think there is great demand to show overseas games, from Englands lower divisions, Scotland, or where ever..

I for one know of quite a few people who wouldn't mind watching Italian Serie B soccer, the Portuguese league, The Czech league etc...

Hey its farfetched, but how many times do the national broadcasters have to turn down local soccer before we get the idea that they AREN'T interested in it, unless we prove them otherwise. A cable channel with sufficient viewership and all that entails, ad money, viewership and MONEY may show the big channels we are for real.

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I was thinking more along the lines of teams buying time on the SCORE network/channel/whatever it is, just like the Canadian Baseball League did. They all seem to have their own little TV broadcasts so why not package them up.

I know it would mean that they'd actually have to put in an effort to work together, which may be too much for them.

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