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What Ian Bridge had to say

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I am reproducing part of the article 'Restoring Junior Development - Four Promising Initiatives' as published in the Winter edition of Coaches Report just released.


A key success factor on the women's side is the playing style implemented by Even Pellerud, the head coach of the Women's World Cup team (Coaches Report, Summer 2002). "That style is probably the most important thing we have in the program. It's consistent; all the teams adhere to it, and all the players are taught the same tactics," says Bridge. "It maximizes the qualities of our players and helps us deal with the geographic challenges. It also makes possible a smooth upward transition, as in the case of Tanya Dennis, a former Under-19 player who just made her World Cup debut. "Even when she was playing for the Under-17s, she was playing that style, so it's not a major adjustment, tactically or in playing style, to move up to my team and then to the World Cup team," says Bridge.


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