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Rogers sent out on loan to Stevenage.

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Not a good sign for his career, is it?


Rogers off to Stevenage

Wycombe boss Tony Adams has sent defender Mark Rogers on a month's loan to Stevenage.

Adams dropped the Canadian international after he was sent off in the 4-0 Boxing Day defeat at Brighton.

He joins Gavin Holligan, Jonny Dixon, Stephen Dell and Richard Harris in leaving the club on loan.

Adams has been clearing the decks after accusing much of his squad of not being up to the task of escaping relegation this season.

Rogers has made 18 appearances for Wanderers this season, but will spend the next four weeks in the Nationwide Conference.

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quote:Originally posted by N-A

Stevenage Borough are currently 10th in the Conference and are 10 pts away from the play-offs

I've also found an article on the loan move. This can be viewed at


an interesting read




ADJECTIVE: 1. Having or marked by imposing physical strength.

2. Firm and resolute; stout.

A flattering adjective used to describe Mr. Rogers :)

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quote:Originally posted by Sigma

Didn't they change that rule to allow two teams to get promoted?

Yes they did. There is now a play-off between the teams finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th in the Conference to decide the other team to be promoted to division 3.

At the moment there are about 10 professional teams in the Conference. I think Stevenage are still semi-pro though.

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