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Concacaf womens under 19


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Round Robin

May 28)Canada vs A4 @ Montreal

May 28)Costa Rica vs B3 @ Montreal

May 28)Usa vs Tba @ Ottawa

May 28)Tba vs Tba @ Ottawa

May 30)Costa Rica vs B4 @ Montreal

May 30)Etats-Unis vs B3 @ Montreal

May 30)Canada vs Tba @ Ottawa

May 30)Tba vs Tba @ Ottawa

Jun 1)B3 vs B4 @ Montreal

Jun 1)Etats-Unis vs Costa Rica @ Montreal

Jun 1)Canada vs Tba @ Ottawa

Jun 1)Tba vs Tba @ Ottawa


Jun 4)Semi-Final @ Montreal

Jun 4)Semi-Final @ Montreal

Jun 6)Consolation Final @ Ottawa

Jun 6)Final @ Ottawa

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