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Blatter again: power game continues


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I'm not a fan of Giant teams either or being able to name almost exactly the top 5 in the standings before the season starts, in almost any of the top Euro leagues. But don't European workers have free movement within E.U. countries?

Or is this some kind of power stuggle as the G-14 teams are demanding they get paid for internationals!

FIFA vs Giant teams and Giant leagues vs FIFA. Maybe Steinbrenner could buy a Div 2 team somewhere and make it succeed [:o)]

Maybe we should start looking for major changes in the international game, what do you think??

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Well, top flight football is big business. But there is no bigger business than FIFA and thier World Cup (and various other tournys). Even at once every 4 years, the World Cup makes the NFL look small fry. So it's kind of hard hearing Blatter seriously complain about the progression of the game towards money, and the mercenary ways of the average footballer.

And maybe Blatter is right about the common fan becoming turned off by the lack of local content. Dought that'll happen to a winning side though. There's always plenty of room on bandwagons. Think he's more concearned about the willingness of players who're employed in foreighn countrys commiting to international tournys, the pressures they face from their bosses, and the less direct pressure they're explosed to from their countrymen to commit when they are playing abroad.

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