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New Stadium for the Argos


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There was an announcement today of the new ownership group for the Argos. Part of the news was that there will be a new stadium, ready for the 2006 season. It's the CFL, so nothing is a done deal, but this could be good news for Canadian soccer.

Of course, we have to hope that

A) This new stadium is outdoors (I am pretty sure it would be)


B) It is a natural grass surface. Somehow, with the new surfaces these days, I find this unlikely, but if the Argos want to partner with rugby and soccer, grass is the way to go. Was watching OTR on TSN the other day, and the leading mayoral candidate for T.O. (forget his name) mentioned that any new stadium shouldn't just be for the Argos, but soccer as well (mentioned that soccer is "huge" in Toronto).

I guess we'll see how this all shakes out.

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Here's an article from the CBC. Mentions stadium stuff at the end.


Exhibition Place and York University are mentioned as possible locations. Maybe somebody who lives in the GTA can comment on the suitability of those locales.

Also, it says the Argos will play in the Skydome for "at least" 2 years, so it seems 2006 would be the earliest the new digs would be ready.

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just got word from a few family friends who are in the home building business and from what i understand is this, Howard Sokolowski (sp??) is a heavy hitter with deep pockets and always puts a strong commitment to his ventures. just to add, he is quite fond of and supportive of soccer!!! MLS anyone, hehehe[:P]

the other owner, Cynamon, no dirt on him but sounds like he has quite a bit of $$$$$$$$$$ to boot around.

Now, you have to understand these people that i talked to, do not know Sokolowski personally but through what they know and heard of him. Therefore, don't quote me but it sounds positive and good for T.O.

So, we can only wait and see what sort of intentions they have in this whole cause. I've got my fingers crossed and hope they turn out to be something along the lines of a yankee "uncle anschutz" sp??? maybe, finally, put T.O. back on the sporting map.

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