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Why wasn't the Finland match even mentioned?


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I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else, but it's been bugging me. Why wouldn't SportsNet even so much as mention that there was a MNT game being played (well broadcast) later the same day as the WWC bronze medal match?

I was waiting for it every time they had that little blue sportsnet house ad page up, but it never came. It was good that they mentioned SoccerCentral's wednesday edition, but not even a single mention about the MNT?

Now, granted... it wasn't a very important game to the public at large, but Sportsnet WAS broadcasting it so you'd think they'd like to generate at least a bit of interest and really no cost to themselves. What better time to mention it was there? They had a captive soccer audience frothing at the mouth for a Canadian team.

I have a feeling that this just maintains the overall theme that the WNT is not really a sports story, but a "human interest" one.... local gals done good type thing.

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