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(Sketchy) Richard Hastings Update

David C.

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Browsed a few MVV sites today. Note: I don't understand Dutch.

Seems that Hastings is considered one of two stars of the team (other is forward Jongen). They seem to admire his speed and "international" leadership - might be a young team.

They play a 4-3-3 format. Hastings has only played two games so far (might be injured). First league game as a left-back, received a "6" (3-way tie for top team honours). Second game as a left centre-back, received a "7" (top team honours).

There is a forum thread on him. Posters seem worried that he will be gone after this season. On another thread, one poster list Kenny Stamatopoulos as a possible goalkeeper target - don't know if Richard put a good word in, or if it was wishful thinking from a Dutch-Canadian poster.

Too much info to translate online. Maybe someone who understands dutch can confirm or add.

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