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Just won't let it rest in Everton


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Only in the EPL.

With Toffee Radzinski, Kevin Campbell, Duncan Ferguson, and oh yeah, that Rooney guy, the rumor mongers in Liverpool just can't keep it shut. Sunday morning browsing finds the quiet Everton summer pitched out for talk of Mr. Moyes being on the prowl for another striker. As if that 4 weren't enough. It only includes one of the EPLs top goal scorers, two very respected and feared target men and the future striking hopes of England fans everywhere.

Fair enough that Ferguson has to sit out his suspension, Rooney's right ankle is still on the mend and Toffee's coming off a summer of rehab. But realy now. Who could you buy, and who would you keep a month on when all five men are now fit, firm, and demanding playing time?

Rumor and speculation. Every football fans birth right.

"Minority of one"

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