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Woman's World Cup "Draw" on Wed, July 17


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WWC draw is the 17th, next Thursday, at Carson, California, 11:00 Pacific time (2:00 EDT).

See the latest FIFA press release at:


The relevant rankings will be released the day before on the 16th, the same time as the address of the official tournament website will be announced. It looks like US Soccer[}:)] is keeping the details of the "draw" close to its vest. Let's face it, for financial reasons, much of the draw will not be a draw at all[:o)].

Mexico may not make it as they have to play the second leg in Japan this weekend, after managing only a 2-2 draw in Mexico City this past weekend.

My hunch is that China (even though they lost to North Korea in the AFC), Norway and Germany will be the 3 top-ranked teams besides the US. China will likely be placed in Group D so they can paly in Southern California to draw in the local Chinese. If Mexico makes it, they will somehow be placed there as well I expect, for the same reason. This would place Norway and Germany at the head of Goups B or C (my bet is that Norway heads Group B, so the US can avoid them and China until the final).

Even if Mexico does not make it, I think that Canada will probably be placed in Group B or C, so they can be placed in the NE to be close to the potential draw from southern Ontario. My bet is Group C, which would have Canada having 2 games in Colombus Ohio and one in either Boston of Washington (probably Boston).

I expect that the US will tinker with the draw so that they have weaker opposition in Group A, something like

Russia (good marquee), South Korea (or Japan), Ghana. They will avoid Brazil (scary attacking) and Argentina (a sleeper), on the excuse that these are also Americas teams.

Sorry if I sond cynical. It'll be interesting to see if they have "Pots" (Euro Pots A and B, Asia Pot with Australia if they don't make it, Africa Pots with Australia if Japan makes it, Americas Pot with mexico if they make it).

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i agree, i think canada will most probably be drawn in either group B or C.

USA is already for sure in group A, and china will be the seed in group D...

from all 16 teams, i would say argentina is the weakest team of all.

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Okay, i hope that much of the last post will be taken for the tongue in cheek it was given in.

I really am excited about the WWC, and I'm sure that the US will run a great (if not slightly jingoistic) tournament.


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