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Everton's allready busy offseason.


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No rest for the wicked I guess. Or in professional sports.

Just cruising the usual websites for the first time in weeks and noticed there's a bit of activity in Liverpool these days and it seems we're just into the offseason.

Radz.'s shortened season has made a positive impression with the Goodison crowd. They're running an on line poll and the wee man so far has 53% of the vote as last seasons player of the year for the Toffees. Think he's 11,000 votes up on Rooney but it's a long summer.

Ferguson won't see Everton's first 3 matchs as he's been suspended for that now famous bit of elbowing.

Moyes has jumped both feet into the David Dunn drama out there in Blackburn. Looks like he's keen on emptying the kitty to bring Dunn in :) but at the expense of spark plug Li Tie [V]. Seems there aren't enough pounds to go around for both men and with Li Tie's loan to Everton up Moyes has only offered 500,000 pounds for his rights, less than half of what the man's chineese club are looking for. So long Li Tie.

Seasons ticket sales to Goodison may be caped as there's been a big jump in subscriptions allready this off season. Everyone in the offices is pleased. Apparently 10,000 tickets are needed for game day walk up (as a club curtosy or FA rule I don't know, sorry) and 3,000 must be made available for visiting fans.

And this is all 2 months from the season's kick off. Don't even want to know what's going on in Glasgow.

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