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  • Playing in Pacific FC’s first CPL game creates “unforgettable moment” for Ben Fisk

    Although Ben Fisk was born and grew up across the Georgia Strait in Vancouver, playing in Pacific FC’s inaugural Canadian Premier League game, a 1-0 win over HFX Wanderers FC at Westhills Stadium in Langford, felt like a homecoming for the 26-year-old.

    “Sunday was a pretty special one with all my friends and family there to watch,” Fisk said. “That was the first time in my pro career that I’ve had so many people in the stadium at one time and the fact that we were able to get the win made it that much more special.”

    After getting his start with the Vancouver Whitecaps’ Residency program and making appearances with both their former U23 PDL side and USL affiliate, Fisk made a name for himself across North America and Europe with stints with Coruxo and Deportivo B in Spain, FC Edmonton in the NASL, and Derry City in the League of Ireland.


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    • Couldn't watch last night so got up early assuming replay would be available on One Soccer. Not loaded yet so I could only watch the highlights. Gutted they couldn't score at least once. Did they have anything positive from the game? Highlights never tell the whole story. Thought Cavs had the better draw against a team also in preseason so I was expecting something positive. Maybe I underestimate MLS since I don't watch that league much since CPL has been around. Obviously financial resources are painfully one sided. Fuck. 
    • I think it would be easy to prove that without Covid, the Ukraine war, supply chain problems exacerbated by Brexit and a lack of accountability at the CMHC, a better deal would have been a shoo-in. And we would almost certainly have more affordable housing in Canadian cities.
    • Out of curiosity, what are the "proper procedures" everyone keeps talking about? I'm curious what the proper way to sell media rights and kickstart a soccer league to secure a world cup bid is.  I feel like a lot of people (and certainly the players) have no idea how a business is usually run. Don't get me wrong I think most on the CSA board have no idea either but I'm just so tired of all this moaning about CSB. 
    • After reading the player's statement, or the summary of the lawsuit, it is clear to me that the CSB is merely the straw man, something they need to direct blame. A scapegoat of sorts. The claims are in some cases simply wrong, such as the assumption that the CSB deal made worse what was there previously. I find the lawsuit, and previous ranting about CSB, largely pathological in nature; controlled pathology, but basically nuts. The suit is also clearly rhetorical, it reminds me a bit of the Hans Niemann suit against Carlsen, Hikaru and chess.com: the point is to make a point. So point made. The press loves this sort of stuff because it is so fundamentally unsubstantial, it is mostly about junctures with weak core substance. I say this despite the fact I've been thinking a lot of how frustrated I am with the CSA recently, and especially with Crooks. Our inoperative operative. I am willing to accept that she has serious defects and it is a mistake to have her at the CSA, because she's a bureaucratic dinosaur and is stonewalling on key decisions we need to move forward. She's an impediment, it seems, when just a few months ago I still felt she deserved a chance.  Funny though, because the women have no clear idea of what should happen going forward. They already proved they could easily distracted and fall on their faces, by all the hullaballoo before the last WWC, but are willing to do the same thing for this Gold Cup. The other side of it all is that Bontis, another guy who had serious defects (when he insulted Sinclair to her face in a meeting, he needed to be immediately eliminated), was the guy on whose watch we made Qatar. Also the guy who was president when the Women won gold in Tokyo. This happens sometimes, the club president, the FA, are a mess, useless, but lead you to trophies (Rubiales in Spain for the women, another case).  Since my basic philosophy is that I prefer winning to not winning, and that you can have losers and idiots running things when you win or lose, don't worry that much about who's running things (criminality aside) as long as you win.
    • It's crazy that for most players, what appears to be heavy touches, would result in a sure turnover. But Davies can recover the ball in the last split second and keep possession. Reminds me of that great run he had away to Chelsea in CL several yrs ago when he crossed to Lewa for the goal. I do wonder sometimes if his heavy touch is intentional?
    • Not sure about that. MLS has developed to the point that simply building a solid team is a financially worthwhile project. Farsi is a solid MLS piece that has value on the field and within the league. Doesn't seem likely at his age that he's going to break through to a higher level and greatly increase his value. He may get sold eventually, but I don't think that's Bezbatchenko's thinking, he wants to build and maintain a winner.
    • It was for the wrong team but that third goal was pretty. I hope Calgary can at least score a goal in the second leg for pride if nothing else.
    • Few weeks yet to bring in talent so the book isn't closed just yet but yeah, clock is ticking louder by the day. Getting a suspicious feeling PDS was banking on Escalante making a return to CPL.  False hope it seems. 
    • I'm taking the piss out of MLS' stupid type of trades/rules I'm well aware of why they did this Not sure why you are so defensive about it. Did I hurt you personally?
    • They need an additional international slot for Kevin Long.  I'm not sure why this is something you'd find odd about MLS?
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