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  • Playing in Pacific FC’s first CPL game creates “unforgettable moment” for Ben Fisk

    Although Ben Fisk was born and grew up across the Georgia Strait in Vancouver, playing in Pacific FC’s inaugural Canadian Premier League game, a 1-0 win over HFX Wanderers FC at Westhills Stadium in Langford, felt like a homecoming for the 26-year-old.

    “Sunday was a pretty special one with all my friends and family there to watch,” Fisk said. “That was the first time in my pro career that I’ve had so many people in the stadium at one time and the fact that we were able to get the win made it that much more special.”

    After getting his start with the Vancouver Whitecaps’ Residency program and making appearances with both their former U23 PDL side and USL affiliate, Fisk made a name for himself across North America and Europe with stints with Coruxo and Deportivo B in Spain, FC Edmonton in the NASL, and Derry City in the League of Ireland.


    Read more on the NSXI Network.

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    • Edit your post or some posters are going to freak out.....
    • I know most people prefer Davies on the wing but I do wonder about using him at LB specifically against a fast counterattacking team.  For Bayern he regularly chases down guys bombing down the wing and with a defensive pool that isn’t generally known for its speed he may be able to help extinguish what we are seeing as the main threat.   With him and Laryea is FBs we would be less susceptible to the counter.  This would be specifically used for the Bermuda games and not something I would advocate against the other teams.     Just a thought. 
    • I've tried making a team with players that they're currently looking like getting before March. It's a pretty interesting first group of new additions.   _______________  Hahn_______________ Dankerlui__Donk__Pinas__Nelom___ _______________Donald________________ _______Leerdam_______Riedewald____ _________________Chery________________ Becker_______________________Biseswar They are really lacking a proper striker at the moment. All the other spots are pretty solid really. They could maybe move Chery to right wing and play Becker striker but they have play a bit more on the counter for that to be successful. Wonder if they're trying to get Queensy Menig from Twente. Not really a striker as well but a bit more technical than Becker who is just pure pace and power so if they can get him, they're a real danger up front as well. Kerk from Utrecht would be sensational as well. Bit similar to Becker but better as a 9 as well.
    • Keep in mind that we are a completely different team than past years as well.  I’ve been following Canada for over 20 years and we really have never had this kind of top end players and depth of high quality players.   Yes we don’t have great strength at CB but aside from that we have a superior base of talent and top end talent at every other position.  With the exception of Mexico and the US we should expect to beat every team in CONCACAF at the moment. When other teams look at our talent- they immediately think- how will be be able to contain their attackers and midfield. I know that this is Canada but we have to change our attitude.  We have to expect to beat the mid level CONCACAF teams.  Certainly it would be an upset if we lost to any of them at the moment.
    • A reputation for being class in the first/second round of WCQ and flunking out in the 3rd?  
    • Better than him on the bench! jk... but some lineups will put Hoilett on the bench if we don't do a back 3. Technically speaking we should have 3 CBs to do a proper back 3 but with 2 6's I think we could pull it off. It also works great vs a countering team. Also, it's not like we're inventing a formation, many successful teams have played with 3 at the back.... it's really just an idea. I think we win this one either way, so it's more in the long run is there a way to get better players on the pitch. One idea would be to simply put Hutch at CB(if he comes), then we have 4. Or we could put Davies in back 4(I think this is a particularily bad decision for this game, but maybe vs stronger teams) which frees up another spot in the attack.
    • This year he has really risen to the top of our midfield pack.  Considering age and performance he should be an automatic starter. If I was building a midfield trio for Canada for the 2022 WC it would be him, Osorio and Arfield.  I think that midfield trio would be top notch in CONCACAF and could compete with a fair number of World Cup teams. Not to mention that our forwards- David, Davies and Larin could compete with a lot too. Now that back line on the other hand......   edit - to clairify - I still think the US and Mexico have better midfields.  But I do think we have the 3rd best overall talent 
    • So how should we judge a team that has completely overhauled their player pool? Pretend they're still a bunch of nobodies playing in Suriname? I don't get this mentality... they have 2 CB's better than any of our CB's. They have a ton of depth that will match up closely with our MLS guys. When have we ever looked good against a team of this quality?   This concept that we're Canada, and we have a reputation and they're Suriname and they're a tiny little nation in another continent doesn't mean anything, when they have a lot of talent. Who cares if they're over 30? We're playing them this year! Atiba's 38, Arfield's 32, Borjan's 33... I don't think this means much.
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