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    30 CanPL dreams 30 days out

    Duane Rollins

    It’s been 9,305 days. 310 months. 223,320 hours.

    The Toronto Blue Jays were 20 days away from winning their first World Series. Bill Clinton was running for President.

    And Canada had just lost its professional soccer league. When the Winnipeg Fury finished off their upset of the Vancouver 86ers on Oct 4, 1992, that was that. The dreams of the 1986 generation were dead and the dreams of the next were dead on arrival.  

    Although the game lived on at the D2 level and, eventually, MLS came to fill a tiny part of the void.

    In exactly one month the long, hopeless, depressing walk in the woods will end.  When Forge FC kicks-off against York 9 we can finally stop talking about what we don’t have and instead focus on what we might become.

    In honour of the final 30 days without a pro soccer league here are the top 30 things I hope to see in CanPL over the next 5 years.


    In 2019

    30. A wonder goal makes the sports packages.

    I don’t care who or what team, but in a year where building recognition is the most important thing I hope to see a goal or play crossover into the mainstream.

    29. Someone dislikes someone

    Sports aren’t fun without conflict. The league will arrive the day there’s some true anger and rivalry

    28. I’m (or other neutral reporter) is accused of bias

    I don’t have a horse in the race, but I look forward to being accused of it. That will mean fans are being irrational and fans should be irrational.

    27. Barrett’s Privateers is sung in Halifax

    I mean, come on.

    26. The Fury get humbled

    Sorry, Ottawa fans but the Fury represent every negative person out there who tells us its silly to care about this league. It would be great to put a few goals past them in the V-Cup.

    25. Fury and CanPL make up

    …and then see the two groups make up for the good of the sport

    24. A mostly CanPL u23 team excels at Olympic Qualifying

    Now, wouldn’t that be nice…


    In 2020

    23. The Fury join the fold

    And all is forgiven

    22. Quebec gets in

    The league needs to be in French Canada and, especially, Quebec. Adding Ottawa and Montreal would be huge

    21. A coaching change happens

    I don’t wish to cheer for someone to lose their job, but the first coaching change that happens will be a sign of a healthy league – winning should matter.

    20. Lower Mainland in

    Three expansion teams might seem like a lot, but they brought seven in this year. Having a presence in all three major metros is important

    19. A young player leaves for MLS

    Establishing the league as a natural part of the player pathway is vital. It would be a huge success if a young player is poached by MLS in just the second year.

    18. A V-Cup upset

    One of TFC, VWFC or IMFC gets embarrassed in one leg of a series. It’s a bit early to hope for more, but that would be a great day for the league.


    In 2021

    17. CanWPL announced

    Planning to start a women’s league begins in earnest

    16. Full D3 coverage

    The League1 Ontario concept is extended to all 10 provinces, with a national D3 championship determined

    15. A rival for Winnipeg

    One of Regina or Saskatoon joins to bring the league to 11

    14. A rival for Halifax

    One of Moncton or Quebec joins to bring the league to 12

    13. Al-Classico featured in some cheesy ultras profile

    It shouldn’t matter, but we’re lying if we don’t admit that we want the rest of the world to notice

    12. WE QUALIFY TO QATAR!!!!!

    Not fully CanPL related, but let’s allow ourselves to dream a little


    In 2022

    11. Kitchener-Waterloo joins

    As one part of a SW Ontario expansion that hits the biggest population area still without a team

    10. With London

    And the 519 derby is born (just don’t call it that)

    9. The women get a cup

    Using the D3 teams along with a few CanPL senior women’s teams that are up and running the first women’s Voyageurs Cup is held

    8. A player is sold to a Big 5 league team

    This is what it is all about

    7. Qatar

    We score a goal and compete with honor. There are players on the roster that played in CanPL

    6. CCL Fever

    A Can PL wins the qualifying tournament and gets a shot at the region’s big boys


    In 2023

    5. Coast-to-coast

    Welcome St. John’s!

    4. The first 16 round out

    The 16th team joins – lets say Mississauga or Scarborough to round-out the GTA

    3. First evidence the league is part of our culture

    “16-year-old Dave Smith said ‘I always dreamed of playing for Forge. My dad used to take me to the games.”

    2. The Canadian Women’s Premier League kicks-off

    To a stable and successful future…

    1 – The plan to launch CanPL2 and Pro/Rel is announced

    And we smugly hold it over US soccer Twitter’s heads.  

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    Just FYI, the league is already coast to coast and the first #C2Cderby is on April 29th for PFC v HFX.

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    • This next game is huge. If they can beat Tauro we're in for some serious Concacaf fever and they better not find a vaccine for it cuz I got all the symptoms 
    • It's been a rough landing for him, that much is certain.  However Lille know what they signed up for, it's up to the coach to discuss with David what is going well and what is not going well.  What he's comfortable vs what he's not comfortable with.  The coach needs to go back to the videos to see what kind of player he has in his hands.  He needs to look at the spider chart to see and understand what David does well and what he doesn't.  Where did most of his goals come from?  Where was he getting the ball to rack up those assists? etc..... At the moment it looks like a 16 year old bought a Ferrari and can't get it out of 1st gear.  
    • I'm not sure that I've seen Lille attempt any exchanges of short, quick passes anywhere near the opposition box in the 5 games I've watched this season. So, I'm curious how/why you've come to this conclusion.
    • I sort of predicted this would happen. Probably lessens the chances of Forge hosting any games.  
    • I recall being disappointed with David's lack of involvement in the USA games last year.  He was a non factor in those games.   He really doesn't see much of the ball with Lille. You dont see him running at the defence with the ball or making any nice passes.  The only time he seems to get the ball its to pull the trigger, and its not going in.   Anyway, its not easy being a record signing for the first place club in a top 5 league, at striker no less.  He needs our collective support.  
    • I dont think he is done at Lille, its been under ten games and hes their most expensive signing ever.  Its not the best fit in the world for David but he really should have about 4 goals now. Sure he missed the pen but he did draw it so he is doing something right. 
    • Two big news today..schelotto gone..results werent good enough..but it has to be said that players overall were bad and should perform much better than that no matter who is the coach..and final standings will be determined by points per game LA Galaxy relieve head coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto of his duties MLS to use points per game to determine final 2020 regular season standings
    • Bamford is killing it at Leeds
    • Maturing a bit might have actually made him self-conscious in a way he wasn't before, considering the price tag and the expectations placed on him. Considering composure under pressure is his hallmark and a psychological trait, this seems plausible. Don't know how anyone could interpret that to mean that a 20 year old is moving past his prime.
    • I think it goes both ways. David repeatedly said Lille was where he wanted to go because of the playing time he would get, but what about the style of play?  It has been said that maybe he underestimated the level of play in France, but I believe he didn't give enough consideration for the style of play and whether he would be a fit for it. Or, maybe he did consider that and saw it as a chance to round out his game. "With guaranteed playing time I can learn to play in a different way", he may have figured. Only he and his advisors know.  Either way, I cannot help but wonder where he would be had he joined Leeds. Can't go back now though, he must make the most of it. He must succeed. 
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