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  1. 30 mins for Scott today, as Rangers solidified their Championship with an undefeated season. Now, let’s hope he shows up for Canada in a few weeks.
  2. I should’ve been more clear, I meant is that a stat of 2020(or recent)? Or from later....I think it’s a lot harder for keepers now, oppose to back then. I think it’s a lot harder for keepers now, with the foot on the line rule that didn’t exist before.
  3. Here’s a breakdown of highest to the lowest paid: 1. Pozuelo - 4.6M 2. Alitdore - 3.6M 3. Soteldo - ? 4. Bradley - 1.5M 5. Gonzalez - 1.05M 6. Mavinga - 887K 7. Osorio - 876K 8. Shellgado - 581K 9. Bono - 482K 10. Lawrence - ? 11. Auro - 388K 12. Gallardo - 331K 13. Westberg - 288K 14. DeLeon - 263K 15. Mullins - 248K 16. Laryea - 226K 17. Akinola - 157K 18. Morrow - 125K 19. Shaffelburg 116K 20. Okello - 111K 21. Marshall-Rutty - 106.8K 22. Nelson- 106.5K 23. Endoh - 105K 24. Fraser - 94K (on loan) 25. Dunn - 85K 26. Romeo - 84K (on loan)
  4. Salaries were released, and here are a few things I found: - Zavaleta took a massive pay cut (275k-85k) league veteran minimum. Kinda shows you no one wanted you as a free agent. - Morrow took a massive pay cut (400k - 125k) - Shellgado is on 581K....holy sheit. Good riddance (MAK for perspective is only on 247k) - DeLeon got a little increase (225-263) I’m going to assume that was the standard player increase. - Bradley is on 1.5M (TAM - which we already knew) - Gonzalez is 1.05 (TAM - which we already knew, but he needs to go. Way to much for Slomar. - La
  5. MLS Player Salaries http://mlsplayers.org/resources/salary-guide Read em rate em.
  6. 75% now (recent stat)? Before goalies were watched heavily for having a foot on the line? How many did he miss? Completion ratio is better to digest imo.
  7. Since when did PKs become guaranteed goals?
  8. I mean, we should’ve expected that. They are theoretically out...and I’m sure he wouldn’t want to waste his time off trekking cross seas. I know we as fans were hoping he was there to make it harder for Suriname. I still don’t think they get the result we got, so our fate remains in our hands.
  9. you're right, but the reality is that it could be a 30 man roster. So that's only half of the squad.
  10. Don't you dare state this blasphemy Ivan
  11. Has there been any mention/has anyone asked when this squad will be released. A lot of nations have already released their teams for the upcoming window. I hope we don’t get two days before like last window....situations are different now.
  12. I think we’ll have a better guess of who might be on that GC roster, once our WCQ squad is released. While al those guys are possibly in play, there’s a lot of guys that could trump them just on played minutes...Teibert, Edwards, Pasher, Elva, to name a few. TBH Metcalfe of the three was the only one who I can say had a good tournament. The other two were meh.
  13. its their official language....and then there’s the fancy Taglish, that my mother in law thinks I understand.
  14. I always find it funny when this get's mentioned. I'm sure he won't be captain of the team. And I'm 1000% sure he's more Filipino than Scott is Canadian. The Philippines have got the opportunity to take a few Canadian internationals in Chung, Aidan Daniels, Metcalfe and Raposo. Michael is the only one I see with a clear path to CMNT.
  15. Lets hope we don't see a Ingolstadt vs Regensburg playoff match.
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