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  1. What is the tie breaker for this? Goal differential? or Away goals? If it is just goal differential a 2-0 Vaughan win in Halifax is a lot more manageable then having to put in 3. Giving up that PK in extra time was a heart-breaker for Vaughan. Will need to re-watch the game but from the stands at least it seemed like the contact was body on body not warranting the call. Vaughan definitely did not look out matched last night, if not for the early strange goal and the late PK the headlines could have been very different. It will be interesting to see how both teams play on the return leg! Exciting times for Canadian Soccer.
  2. Kind of off topic, but anyone know why TSN is only broadcasting this game on TSN2 yet TSN1 and 4 for the Mexico game? A bit frustrating for those of us with all but TSN 2. UGH!!
  3. So many headlines could be written from this one! Overall pretty pleased with the majority of play except the nail biting parts........ which unfortunately they always seem to include for us. Glad they got the result and responded the way they did after the rain and Honduran fans let up. Hoping Cavalini will shake off his last game against them and put in one or many to shut them up early next Friday. So happy for Arfield and Davies......well earned!!! Any update on Borjan?
  4. Room for Bustos in any of these lineups? or am I being way too presumptuous given his limited starts?
  5. Wow! Definitely a big drop in the quality of play without Arfield and with many of the kids in there. But that is what these games are for I guess, getting them that much needed experience. Glad to see Aird, Osorio and Bustos given another shot, but of these three only Bustos really looked comfortable. Hopefully with more quality friendlies and a bit more tactical trial and error the players that deserve regular call ups will make themselves well known. Without the two PKs and Larin style missed opportunities the scoreline could have been much better but unfortunately that still wouldn't have changed the fact that they played very erratic, could not keep possession of the ball, and we're not very good defensively. All in all though I didn't feel horrible about the game!
  6. At first I thought the same thing, however I have now have changed my mind. What really was the point of the article? If nothing else, it is being used to try and sway the casual fan into the CMNT is a joke territory. If so, why write the article at all really? Why no mention of the rebuild? Influx of promising youth? Change in tactics? Decent sign of hope after the recent exit from qualifing? Goal scorers? I am surprised Findlay's name was even mentioned at all! Sure there was a link to a better article written about the game but even that was described negatively ("words" were written that prove the game actually happened) which most casual eyes wouldn't bother to view. This was definitely a lazy article written once again to cast negative energy on Canadian soccer. It has always been an uphill battle cracking the "mainstream" media who seem quite happy to provide plenty of knocks (deserved or not) but not an equal amount of praise when needed. Quite possibly more results like this may change things, but unfortunately given the history I am not that optimistic. Hopefully Vic and the CSA will continue this trend of playing decent international friendlies. They are a win win if you ask me, helping build a better team and story line.
  7. Needing 2+ goals he takes off the only goal scorers when they are still contributing. Then replaces another another workhorse showing little sign of decline.......immediately changing the pace and scoreline and not in our favor. I don't know much at all but when you need goals and have more offensive players on the bench why on earth in a do or die situation would you put a defensive minded player into an offensive role??? Am I missing something? At least the players showed unbelievable fight and grit tonight. Usually I am left feeling heartbroken by the apparent lack of effort by some on the team. Not tonight! With one exception.........FLORO!!!! If it means anything at all I am so bloody proud of the guys and how they played tonight. Just wish this style of play was used prior to this!!
  8. Many have suggested playing more friendlies, but how about playing those friendlies against higher quality opponents? or at the very least against countries similar to Honduras and El Salvador in terms of style/tactics/environment. Honduras is prepping for September with a friendly against Argentina, while Canada against Azerbaijan? (Admittedly I know nothing about Azerbaijan's team other than it's FIFA ranking, are they at all similar to H or ES tactically?).
  9. Success! No worries spending any time on this. Order has been placed. Issue was my fault. For shipping address apparently "court" is not the same as "crt". Going forward I will know better! ☺
  10. I tried placing an order for one of these but am having no luck getting past the shipping section. There doesn't seem to be an area for taking my money!? Am I completely blind and missing something within the online store? I want this Beaver!! Any suggestions?
  11. Love it! Any chance these will be available via the online store?
  12. Let me know if I am totally off base here, as I haven't watched much of Larin in the MLS. His record speaks for itself, and I really want to love him, however, I am shocked that with the amount of goals he puts in (in MLS) he has not appeared very aggressive these last two games for Canada. Especially tonight. He seemed to do just enough to keep up with his opponent but not enough to really challenge for the ball once the defenders had possession and were heading back up the field. Is this usually his style of play? I am not saying Cavallini will be our savior up front (if he is even with the team for the Mexico games) but he could definitely bring in some competitive pressure which just might lift Larin's international game to another level. Frustrated that Hoilett was subbed as he never seems to back down or or stop hunting for the ball (even when gassed). Glad we got a point, but after riding the high of the last 3, it sure would have been nice to be looking down on H and ES with 6 not 4 after just two games. 4 is still a great start though! Good job guys!!
  13. I can't stand stall tactics and "CONCACAFing", but Man did it feel good to be on the other side of if for once!!
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