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2020 Allstate Soccer Show

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https://soccershow.ca/      2020 Allstate Soccer Show

Details of this year's event.  Big difference is this year it will be held On-line on Sunday August 30th.  Free registration.   

This is only their second one.  They held one in 2018 in Downsview (Toronto).   It was supposed to be annual but they never held one in 2019. 

I remember their 'next' one was supposed to be in Calgary but that never came about for 2019.  

2018 event is recapped at their site.  CWNT and CMNT players were there.  CPL representation (one year before the league kicked off!).  TFC and Impact players there (as they'd played at BMO the night before).  http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports18/18l1o202.htm

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