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CSL 2012--Week 17

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Result of the Friday August 24, 2012 CSL game between

Mississauga Eagles FC vs TFC Academy played at Hershey

Fields in Mississauga at 8:00pm.

Final Score:....Mississauga Eagles FC.....0......

TFC Academy.....0......

Attendance was about 125 on this warm evening with the

temperature falling as the sun set.

A scoreless tie was a fair result as both teams had about

an equal amount of chances although the TFCA tries

were harder to stop.

Quillan Roberts earned the shutout for TFCA. He appears

to have found a way to keep busy now that the MLS

team has signed Freddy Hall as a backup and as he's

only 17 there's nothing wrong with putting him

on their CSL team. In 2011 he played for their CSL

Reserves League team (a division below this team).

Nicholas Lindsay, the other MLS team signing has

been playing the last few months for tonight's team

while recovering from an injury.

Daniel Botlik earned the shutout for the Eagles with

a few more spectacular saves to earn his team a draw.

Eagles best player was their captain Jose 'Joey' Melo

(played for MLS Toronto FC in 2007) who was their one

true forward and often held the ball up for charging

wingers and took quite a few dead ball kicks.

Referee Archie Korbiel had an easy game to call with

only one Yellow card on each side that I counted.

He ignored a few Penalty kick requests that had

players going down too easy although a lot of freekick

calls were made.

Best scoring chances were at 11 minutes when MEFC

Bohdan Sulypka made a low centering pass from

28 yards on the extreme left that had MEFC Darragh

Roe take a low shot from the left that was smothered

by the diving goalie at 5 yards. 21 minutes had an

MEFC player take a long throw-in from the right and

MEFC Joey Melo leap and make a 12 yard header down

the middle that the leaping goalie palmed over the bar.

49 minutes had TFCA Mario Orestano take a 25 yard shot

down the middle through a crowd of players and the goalie

palmed the ball over the net. 63 minutes had TFCA

Mario Kovacevic race to a punt downfield and his

12 yard first touch shot has the goalie push the ball

wide right on a flying dive. The resulting cornerkick

from TFCA Tyler Pasher had Orestano nod a header from

8 yards on the left wide left. 66 minutes had MEFC

Melo take a low pass from 25 yards on the right that

had MEFC David James stop and turn and shoot a 15 yard

roller from the left that the sprawling goalie stopped.

70 minutes had the MEFC goalie out of the box and playing

off a charging TFCA Adrian Avila and they avoided a

collision but it was close to being a handball call

on the goalie. 87 minutes had the MEFC goalie dive

back and grab the ball as TFCA Nicholas Lindsay ran

past him when sent a long ball into the box.

Both players were injured on the play. TFCA employed

the long ball a few times near the end of the game

having forwards charge through the upfield hoping

to get by the MEFC defenders.

Pregame and halftime shows had entertainment provided

by 'The Eagles Dance Team' a group of nine women

who did dance routines like cheerleaders (but not

during the game). The music was a bit arbitrary

with it being cut off halfway through a song.

Dark olive coloured costumes were also unusual but

they'd provide good camouflage if needed.

The tie improves TFCA record to 9-3-3 which would put

them alone in 3rd place pending the outcome of the

SC Toronto vs York Region Shooters game being played

in Toronto at the same time. Shooters were tied with

TFCA before the games began but had played two more

games. The CSL Reserves League TFCA team were playing

at the same time a home game at Downsview Park against

SC Waterloo B team (which is an unusual scheduling

glitch as it ruled out their bringing up any of their

players for the subs bench).

Mississauga improves to 7th with a 7-6-3 record, one

point better than Montreal Impact Academy although now

they've played two more games than that team.

This game was being filmed by Rogers TV Community Channel

for broadcast in the Mississauga area on Saturday night

while Toronto will see the SC Toronto vs York Region

match shown on Sunday night. Now it is possible that

Toronto will eventually see it as we recently saw the

Mississauga vs Serbian White Eagles 6-4 shootout from

three weeks earlier just last week as no game was broadcast

from Downsview Park for a TFC Academy match which was

on the schedule.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Sunday August 26, 2012 CSL game between

Toronto Croatia and London City played at Centennial

Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

27 min...City RED card...Zvonko Bakula is shown a

direct Red card by referee Arthur Kobeil for pushing

TC Petar Mingon over from behind at the TC 45 yard

line. Mingon rolled over and over like a log for

about four revolutions but was able to return to

the game a few minutes later.

58 min...TC Angelo Srzentic GOAL...TC Josip Keran

chips a pass from 60 yards on the left over to Srzentic

at 40 yards on the right and he runs down the wing

and blasts a 25 yard shot over goalie Vladimir Markotic

at 5 yards and the ball dips under the bar.

73 min...TC Tihomir Maletic GOAL...TC Halburto Harris

rushes on right and sends low cross from 20 yards

near end line to Maletic who shoot in 5 yarder over

sprawling goalie to center of net.

82 min...TC Boris Tomac GOAL...TC Marin Vucemilovic Grgic

rushes on the left well ahead of trailing teammates

up middle but instead of passing back rolls cross from

15 yards on left to center and charging Tomac splits

defenders before getting to ball to shoot in 7 yarder.

Final Score:.....Toronto Croatia......3......

LOndon City.......0.......

Attendance was about 150 on this warm night. The home team

had ball boys and girls from the Mississauga Croatia soccer

team which meant the balls were put back into play quicker

and ensured a fan base of parents and families.

The Red card was senseless as the Croatian player was at his

own 45 yard line and chasing a ball headed for the sidelines.

The card to Zvonko Bakula denied London their captain and

a defender. It did take Croatia a very long time to

exploit their man advantage as they were constantly being

flagged offside especially veteran Hayden Fitzwilliams.

Arthur Korbiel also refereed the Friday game I saw but

was listed as Archie. It is the same guy.

Antonio Ilic earned the shutout for Toronto Croatia.

He didn't have a lot of work to do but made some key saves.

London brought only four subs for tonight's game and they

all eventually saw action.

Fans didn't like the offside calls nor the London roster

in general. A quick internet search revealed at least

six playing tonight were Serbian so the emotions were

almost as high as a game against the White Eagles.

Centennial Stadium still has the south end pole of lights

(at about the 10 yard line) not working so that leaves a

dark end. It's unlikely this will be repaired by the

end of the season.

This was the 34th CSL game I've attended this season and

the first time I've seen London City in 2012 in the post Gauss

family ownership era. I've seen many of these players before

as Michael Marcoccia and Younan Samra played for them last

year and Vladimir Markotic, Rade Novkovic, Nenad Nikolic,

Nikola Stanojevic, and Nenad Begovic all played for the

Brantford Galaxy in 2011 (not part of the Galaxy team roster

that imploded last month). With another team in the league

this year, each playing four less games this season, my

own commitments to Toronto FC, Toronto Lynx, and Toronto

Lady Lynx, this will probably be the only time I see them

this year.

Tonight, Toronto Croatia's snazzy new kits were unveiled

provided by Lika Sports. Same colours except the socks are

now black rather than blue. I would have liked numbers

on their shorts as it helped make the London players easier

to identify.

Best non-scoring chances were at 19 minutes when TC Marin

Vucemilovic Grgic made a low pass from the left finding

TC Angelo Srzentic at 12 yards on the right and he shot

wide left. 32 minutes had Grgic pass forward up right

for Srzentic who rushed in and who's cross from 20 yards

deflected off a defender at 7 yards and off the right

goalpost before being cleared. 71 minutes had LC Gent

Miftari blast a 22 yarder down the middle that was stopped

by the flying goalie.

Tonight's win moves Croatia back into 1st place by one point

with a 10-1-5 record over SC Toronto who lost their game

on Friday night.

London is in a three way tie for 10th place with tonight's

loss after winning a home game on Friday night. Their

record is 5-7-6.

Rocket Robin


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