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Join us at the york region shooters soccer academy and reserve team!

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You should join us at the Shooters Academy and Reserve Team because we are geared towards developing the Elite Athlete who is interested in either a professional career or a U.S. college scholarship.

We will show you the way to excellence in a program which includes field training, fitness training and professional testing, motivational seminars, ID camps, Showcase tournaments and tours to play against teams in Barcelona, Spain, and other European destinations.


The main reasons you should join us at the Shooters Academy and Reserve Team are these:

1. Our Head Coach and Program Director is Sam Medeiros, who has an extensive resume, and most importantly, works directly with FC Barcelona coaches through Soccer Services Barcelona. Please click on Youtube links for video of Soccer Services coaches and Sam Medeiros.

http ://www . youtube . com/watch?v=Bv-MIhAj8dM&feature=relmfu

http ://www . youtube . com/watch?v=1BLyjaypg7k&feature=relmfu

2. The Shooters is officially affiliated with Soccer Services Barcelona,

who provide the methodology for FC Barcelona through their director, Joan Vila.

Vila is mentor to Pep Guardiola. We will have Soccer Services coaches

hold a summer camp and clinics with the Shooters players this summer in July.

You can see Puyol and Xavi endorsing their services on their homepage.


http ://www . slideshare . net/anitakov/soccer-services-email

F.C.Barcelona invited Soccer Services Director Joan Vilà to go with Xavi to the Balloon D'Or awards this past year

given that he was Xavi's coach from under-14 until until under-18.

Xavi Hernandez always considered Joan Vilà as his football father,

for which it has been important to him to have Joan Vilà at his side during this very special moment.

Our York Region Shooters Teams will have the opportunity to travel to Barcelona on tour and play against Spanish teams and see what makes the Barcelona soccer system great.

http ://www . slideshare . net/anitakov/barcelona-team-tour

3. Our Shooters Program is geared towards training the top level elite player. We play within the highly competive Canadian Academy of Futbol league, a newly formed league which includes the U13 TFC team, etc. Competition is fierce and fast, and that is something that you will benefit from. Players have the chance to try out for the first division York Region Shooters team based upon their ability.


We also have several ID camps, the first of which is that with the Arsenal Head Scout for North America, to be held April 14th and 15th. We are planning several more, including a showcase tournament for our players.


Please call at 416-805-9698 or email at info@yorkregionshooters.com for any further questions.

Try Outs for Shooters teams during the month of April, at the following times and location:

Location: St. Joan of Arc Field, 1 St. Joan of Arc Avenue, Maple ON

Days: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night

Age Groups and Times:

U13 and U15: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

U17: 8:30 pm to 10 pm

Reserve and First Team: 9:30 pm to 11 pm


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