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  1. Don't agree on 'formative years' my life at 13-18 had more of an impact on who I am today than 8-13.
  2. Ya, but if you move somewhere at 12 that is pretty much 'home'
  3. Didn't realize it was that early, so fair enough I guess
  4. Do we REALLY want to just win so badly that we get on our knees and beg these guys to come play here? It pisses me off, if you move somewhere at age 10 or 12 that is one thing, but to forsake your country like Jr and JDG2 are is disgraceful! I have much less issue with supporters coming out for their home national team than with this bullsh1t! At least there is a chance that the other supporters that live here will be with the Canada supporters in the other Canada games.
  5. Villus, we are making the same point from a different angle. Basically the point is this: We have potential talent that isnt following through because the economics don't work. That sucks, compound it with the 'late development' of soccer and you end up with guys choosing 'foot locker' over a career in soccer because astonishingly it pays more.
  6. Again, so much of it is your personal situation. My son wants to be a footballer, he doesn't care about the money, people ask him "do you want to be rich and famous?" and he scowls and says "I don't care about the money, I just want to play soccer" He is in a hell of a lucky position that he has his dad and two sets of grandparents behind him with money enough that if he wants to play CSL and train 50hrs a week he could. If kids want to play soccer because they want to be 'rich and famous' start teaching them to be an investment banker from age 5 and by the time they are 25 they will have made a few million. That said, I agree it is a shame that not everyone with talent can pursue a pro career in sport. But soccer is a HELL of a lot better for that than Luge, Cycling, most Track & Field and a laundry list of other sports. How about professional dancers? Artists? Actors? There is a difference between what SHOULD be and what IS.
  7. Question: what would he make in NASL? Comment: unless he comes from money it is a tough choice. If you have family with money behind you making $32k to play soccer isn't bad because there is the carrot in front of you of having a better future. If you are not so lucky you need to manage your risk and $32k at a bank has a higher likelihood of more money down the road and a bit more 'stability' All that said, working 15 years to get to a point making $32k is stupid and MLS should give a living wage as the minimum.
  8. Bang on, I have always liked the fact that Canada is one of the only countries on the planet where being a nationalist doesn't make you a racist. As for people not being 'Canadian enough' either of my parents would likely disagree with that as they both immigrated here. How many generations you been here? 2? 3? At what point are you 'Canadian'?
  9. It is a bit of a catch 22 for Canada, if our best players play for countries other than Canada we won't see World Cup Glory, but without having a presence at the world cup we won't attract our players to come play for us.
  10. I know he hasn't been capped but I ask because I wonder if he does not want to be tied to Canada?
  11. How many year since a cap before you can play for another country? To be fair, even as a nationalist, if you have the choice between making the world cup and maybe winning it, it is no choice at all.
  12. You hit the nail on the head! There are 100 kids to take their places that should have had spots to train without them leaving. Kids leaving Canada to train isn't the problem, it is a symptom of the greater problem which is lack of facilities here in Canada to keep them here.
  13. But you have to admit, it kinda sucks donkey balls that they have to go overseas to get the best coaching...
  14. It will be interesting to see how football develops in Canada over the next 10-20 years because kids playing today want to play for TFC, where Canadian kids 10 years ago were always looking East/South.
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