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Skipping Record?

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I was reading the "CSL Memories" thread earlier today and got browsing on Google News who have added some scanned newspapers from the past ... deep past. Searching for Hamilton Steelers and 1961 this curious article poped up. http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=zYZlAAAAIBAJ&sjid=FYoNAAAAIBAJ&dq=hamilton%20steelers&pg=7125%2C443038

Amazing. How many times in Canadian Soccer history has and eastern league courted a BC league? Specifically the PCSL teams. Like a broken record (younger viewers of this post may have to Google the vinyl audio medium of the past) every time the Ontario based league talks expansion it is always with a jump to BC.

I guess what I find shocking, aggravating, promising and disheartening all at the same time is that nothing has changed. Some of the clubs and leagues talked about in these news reports still exist. Promising. Nothing has changed in terms of progress. Aggravating. How old is the CSA? Time for some movement here. The answer? How could I possibly have one, when nothing has changed since 1961, or earlier.

PS- more evidence of unconnected leagues "Inter-provincial League" and "Eastern Canadian Professional Soccer League" http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=F54tAAAAIBAJ&sjid=oJ8FAAAAIBAJ&dq=hamilton%20steelers&pg=3176%2C4571358

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