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For Thierry Henry Winning Is Everything


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After playing in competitive matches against Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles, the former Arsenal and Barcelona forward admitted that he was looking forward to playing in Toronto at BMO Field.

"(Red Bulls keeper) Greg Sutton played for Toronto so he already told me that the atmosphere is great over there (at BMO Field). Having said that, they had great fans at the game in Houston and it was the same in Chicago and in Columbus. Greg has told me that the atmosphere on Saturday is going to be amazing and to expect a tough game as well," said Henry.

And while he was quite complimentary of the teams he had played thus far and more than happy to say that he was looking forward to the atmosphere at BMO Field, Henry was clear that his focus was on winning and that getting three points is the main priority. When he was asked whether he was worried about going to Toronto and possibly losing to a team that many would consider inferior on paper, the man who knows so much about winning football games was candid and blunt in his reply.

"Paper doesn't mean anything in sports. As you mentioned, they (Toronto FC) have not lost for a while (at home) and they won against Cruz Azul, so you can really see that paper did not mean anything in the midweek," stated Henry. "I think it is going to be a difficult game. They had a good one against us at our place, so it's an eleven on eleven game. We know that it is very difficult to win there."


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