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  1. RNO asked Kevin about his "damage control" comment and his status with the Canadian National Team moving forward. http://www.rednationonline.ca/Interviews2012/RedNationInterviewSeriesKevinMcKenna.aspx
  2. Max's article is now up: Canada cruelly punished for defensive error in Greece: http://www.rednationonline.ca/Canada_cruelly_punished_for_defensive_error_in_Greece_february_9_11_article.shtml
  3. The videos can also be viewed on one page via: http://www.rednationonline.ca/Canada_vs_Greece_Post_match_Interviews_february_9_11_article.shtml
  4. Hi all. Via a media conference call today, CMNT Head Coach Stephen Hart spoke candidly about a number of topics related to the match against Greece and the National Team in general: On the fact that he will only will have the players in for only one training session and the match while in Greece: I think the way I am looking at it is that it is an international game against a very tough team who will be playing at home. So you hope that the players get some experience out of the game, playing against players of a different sort of quality. These short exhibition dates are always
  5. Ok...We caught up with Chris (I know I was asked to place these interviews in a main thread folder, but it's relevant to this particular thread because of the question(s) pertaining to him - hope it's ok): In this interview, Red Nation and Chris discuss playing in the Norwegian top flight with his current side FK Haugesund, his past experiences playing with Toronto FC, the pros and cons of being able to play multiple positions at the professional level, his thoughts on the Vancouver Whitecaps move to Major League Soccer and playing for the Men’s Canadian National Team. http://www.red
  6. Adding to Max's article...Looking Forward to 2011: Looking through the current squad one can see where strengths lie and where question marks continue to plague the national team. Four areas in particular have question marks around them that desperately need someone to step up and take a hold of. Stephen Hart has laid down one of his top qualifiers for positions are players who are getting minutes, and outside of the spots that look to be locked down, there is much debate as to who is doing enough to get the nod for the starting XI. Listed in the article, are the positions and
  7. He may be player worth investigating for TFC: http://www.rednationonline.ca/Acquiring_Geovanni_Would_Be_a_Smart_Move_by_TFC_november_26_10_article.shtml
  8. Hi everyone. RedNation spoke to Milan today about his decision to play for Canada at the International level, his current campaign with Rad Beograd of the Serbian SuperLiga, his experiences playing soccer in South America with Boca Juniors and River Plate, his strengths as a player and his future goals as a young goalkeeper. http://www.rednationonline.ca/Milan_Borjan_nov_26_10_feature.shtml
  9. Some quotes from Tosaint: http://www.rednationonline.ca/Ricketts_Signs_With_Romanian_Side_FC_POLITEHNICA_TIMISOARA_november_23_10_article.shtml
  10. With the 2010 MLS Cup only two days away, many of the leading soccer media in North America descended upon BMO Field to watch the two finalists practice and to speak with the coaches and players in advance of the finale on Sunday. Those that attended the FC Dallas morning practice likely got their first chance to watch the Ottawa-born rookie centre back on the pitch. http://www.rednationonline.ca/Canadian_Rookie_Edward_Learning_From_MLS_Playoffs_Experience_november_19_10_article.shtml
  11. It's No Surprise That The MLS Final Will Be A Designated Player-Free Affair When FC Dallas obliterated the Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS Western Conference Finals this past Sunday, they didn’t just prevent two of the league’s marquee stars in Landon Donovan and David Beckham from once again realizing their championship ambitions, they also ensured that for the second consecutive year the MLS Cup will be won by a club without a Designated Player (DP). http://www.rednationonline.ca/The_Price_of_an_MLS_Cup_november_16_10_article.shtml
  12. Vancouver-born footballer returns home with National Team in sights. An interview with Terry, along with thoughts from Stephen Hart and Paul James. http://www.rednationonline.ca/Terry_Dunfield_nov_15_10_feature.shtml
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