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Interview with Rob Friend


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From Hertha Berlin website: http://herthabsc.de/index.php?id=2075&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=7528&cHash=c7cbcfe533

We managed to get an interview with Rob Friend ahead of Hertha's friendly match against TSV Kottern, during the training camp stay in the Alpine region of Allgäu. Read here what he told us...

herthabsc.de: Rob Friend, the opening week of the summer training camp is underway. What are your early impressions of the team and club?

Rob Friend: I have a good impression so far. We train a lot and hard, but we have to in order to get fully fit again. We expect further tough training weeks, but I am confident that the team and I will constantly improve. The new players have to integrate, and the training camp is the perfect place to do so.

How tough is it to get into the swing of things again after the long summer break?

Rob Friend: It is especially difficult after such a long break. It was frustrating at first, not being 100% right away. I am sure the team will be for the start of the new season though.

How have your new team mates welcomed you?

Rob Friend: I think it is up to me to integrate and meet every player individually, both on and off the pitch. The training camp offers a good oportunity to get to know the lads in a relaxed atmosphere.

The squad has been here since Sunday. What can you tell us about the team hotel and surroundings?

Rob Friend: I like it here. You have the chance to relax after training. If you feel at ease, it helps performances in training. I hope that everyone pulls his weight and that we constantly improve as a team.

How do you see the start of the season going, after all, Hertha open with four tough matches...

Rob Friend: Every opponent will be out to beat us, so every player must be aware from the start what is at stake. We have to stick together. Obviously I hope for a good start, but we have to take things game by game.

Who will be the toughest opposition in your quest for promotion do you think?

Rob Friend: Difficult to say. Bochum will be strong and Augsburg a highly-motivated side, whose coach Jos Luhukay knows all about how to play in the second division. Maybe a couple of surprise teams will join those two. But the important thing for us will be to only concentrate on ourselves and win our games.

The opening second division game of the new season is at home to Oberhausen at the Olympic stadium. Are you looking forward to wearing a Hertha shirt for the first time there?

Rob Friend: Yes, very much so. It has been at the back of my mind for a long time. While training hard you automatically think about the opening game, hoping that the hard work we are putting in at the moment will pay off.

Coach Markus Babbel has named promotion to the top flight as the season goal for Hertha. You have already done so with Gladbach. Can this Hertha team do it too?

Rob Friend: I am sure we can. We have the team as well as the potential to do so. We will have to be mentally strong, because we are the team everyone wants to beat. If we perform as a team and all give 100% effort, I have no doubt we can gain promotion.

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