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TFC Player Image Drive for Wikipedia


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Hey Guys,

I went through our roster on the wikipedia site (The casual soccer fans information portal) and I noticed that most of the TFC players have no image or an out of date image, including DeRo in Dynamo Orange, Cann in Whitecap Blue, Barret in Fire orangie-red and DeGuz in Depor blue/white.

Now when I see these images I cringe because these are our boys and this is like seeing an old pic of your girlfriend with another man.

Anyways, I am looking for images of our current boys (and our former ones if they don't have an image up in wiki), so I can get them up. The only restriction is the photo needs to be uncopyrighted, ie no professional pics from the internet, and the photos will be released on wikipedia as free to use.

Please send anything you have to >>>>> razcle at aol dot com <<<<< and I will get them up.


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