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Canada Day - TFC vs. Dynamo


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This year's Canada Day MLS match features TFC taking on the Houston Dynamo, which is sort of fitting to the extent of bringing DeRo's former club here at a point in the season where both TFC and Houston will either be carving their way to the playoffs or scrounging for anything they can get. Neither side looks to be a league-leader by any means, although the Dynamo seem to be a few good results away from being a breakout team.

My brother and I have finally managed to land tickets, and to my exhilaration, they are for this very match. We've got tickets in Row 3 Section 123 right on the half line. What I'm wondering is if there is a kind TFC soul who'd be willing to put us up for Wednesday night and Thursday night? I'm sure we could repay the favour through a few pints or beers at the game, etc...

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